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Information for Real Estate professionals. Professional home inspection services. Providing home inspection services to Southeast Michigan. Including Canton, MI Ann Arbor, MI Belleville, MI Plymouth, MI Northville, MI Novi, MI Livonia, MI and surrounding areas.
  Home inspectors all have their own way of performing the inspection based on what they feel is efficient. My procedure has always been to start on the roof, complete the exterior, move to the interior, basement and lastly the attic. Unless there's a crawlspace, I always do that last. Following ...
Walking towards the garage during a recent inspection I caught a surprised look on the Realtors face. Turning to me she said "big crack here." Hearing her say that and seeing the look on her face I knew there was something big going on in there. Before I even walked into the garage I could see o...
Anyone can go out and purchase a gas fireplace and install it where they like. I admit I'm not one to follow directions when putting together an entertainment center or helping the kids assemble their toys. My wife usually steps in with the booklet and points out why the extra screws and bolts ar...
Something is missing on this  90 ° drain. The generous amount of silicone caulk ensured the drain would no longer leak. And that pesky rusted out metal P type trap was worthless anyway.  The strange smell coming from the sink is only a minor nuisance compared to the constant leaking onto the base...
  Finding areas where one contractor installed their systems without regards to other areas is fairly common for all of us. Looking for these areas is part of our job. Most of the time it's a minor issue like a notched drawer to make room for a plumbing trap. Sometimes it can be a big no no like ...
Eyes, nose and ears are three senses most used during a home inspection. Early on I purchased a digital infrared thermometer to test ovens, water temperature and other applications so I didn't have to rely on touch.         Recently I "stumbled" upon something I could not have seen as it was hid...
There used to be a time when I knew what to expect when I inspected a bank owned home. A couple years ago when I was interviewing a potential client for a Metro Detroit Home Inspection  I would schedule extra time if they told me the home was bank owned. Often times these properties were in exce...
Perimeter drainage systems are common in my area, Particularly when performing a Wayne County Home Inspection. This particular installation was found in a crawlspace and is an attempt by a homeowner to control moisture in the crawlspace. For the most part they purchased the correct materials but...
 Once in a while I see something that sort of jumps out at me. In this case I had to do a double take as I caught this out of the corner of my eye. The photograph to the left was taken in a recently finished basement during a Lambertville Michigan Home Inspection so I know the original builder mo...
Being interviewed by a prospective client I'm often asked whether or not I will be able to tell them if they home they are buying is safe to live in. The most important purpose of a Metro Detroit Home Inspection is in fact to determine whether or not various components are properly installed and...

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