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What I found is that a person needs to keep their credit score above 700 in order to be a good applicant for credit.  And in some circumstances, that still will not be enough.  The ultimate goal is to be at 800!  Good luck though, it is very difficult to reach that level.   I am now going to list...
Laughter is important. This had me chuckling for a few minutes and I wanted to thank the author. What is the BEST Joke you have ever heard in business?   I'm curious to hear about the best business jokes you have heard, including: funny business related cartoons funny business related quotes busi...
     The real estate community has no doubt noticed the days of quick closes are gone mostly due to the arduous regulations being imposed on the lending industry to fix problems, that for the most part no longer exist. I am referring to getting rid of the individuals who came into the business to...
In another exaple of Politicains fixing yearsterdays problems. This was submitted to me by Rob Chrisman a one time top official in the Mortgage Banking industry now retired and keeping busy by sharing his wisdom(s) "If you want to be loan originator in Oregon, or already are one, you should know ...

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