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What's Happening in McCormick County, South Carolina Summer Lake Information:  Lake Thurmond, the largest U.S. Army Corps of Engineers project east of the Mississippi River, was built between 1946 and 1954 as part of a comprehensive plan of development for the Savannah River Basin. Lake Thurmond ...
What Will We Do? A pet is a delight!  For those who have pets, it's easy to understand how these animals are true treasures and how they can become 'family members' very quickly!  There's something about a faithful pet and how they help make bad situations better.  For many, the family pet provid...
What Do South Carolinians Think? South Carolina, like any other state, faces challenges and needs that affect both personal life and growth within our state.  The Jim Self Center on the Future at Clemson University conducted a survey of South Carolinians to get information on quality of life iss...
Decline Reported in Foreclosures in South Carolina According to information in the Columbia Business Report, South Carolina saw decline in foreclosure filings from March to April, 2009.  The information reported was based on data released by RealtyTrac.  The data further indicated that one out of...
Planning for College in South Carolina Planning for college for our children is one of the most important decisions we make as a family.  The Strom Thurmond Institute of Government & Public Affairs at Clemson University has prepared a guide, a roadmap to success designed for South Carolina childr...
Hit the Road with Road Warriors in McCormick, South Carolina South Carolina is a beautiful state.  And it takes the cooperation of all residents and visitors to keep it that way.  Springtime is clean-up time and May is the month when South Carolinians get together to make improvements throughout ...
Do you want to do something differently and think you know how to make it work?  What's your idea?  More importantly - What will you do with it?  How much is your idea worth?  Does it have value only to you or would it be of value to others? Think about what happens every time someone on ActiveR...
Don't Forget to Call Your Momma.  I Wish I Could Call Mine! No, it's not an original title but it brings a Mother's Day wish in words much better than mine.  The words are the title of a book by the wonderfully funny Georgia American, the late Southern writer, Lewis Grizzard.  During his life tim...
Living Where the Action Is! In this day and age, many families want to live where the action is.  They look for a home in an area convenient to grocery stores, to shopping malls, to schools, perhaps to work and/or to recreational areas.  They want pedestrian friendly neighborhoods where they can ...

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Savannah Lakes Village! Beautiful South Carolina! We're located on the 'freshwater coast' - surrounded by beautiful 72000+ acre Lake Thurmond, wildlife management areas, and state parks. You'll love McCormick, South Carolina - west of Augusta, GA on the SC/GA line. Read on and find out about a place where there's no light pollution, two stoplights in the county, and little traffic!
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