When my coaching clients mention that their "why" for getting their finances in order is to buy a home, I know they are going to be a motivated client.  Homeownership is a great motivator for paying off debt and getting organized.Here are some tips to save money for a down payment.Consider your s...
 It’s officially summer here in the Adirondacks.  Pools are open, lilacs are in bloom, and gardens are being planted.  We have had THREE STRAIGHT DAYS of 90-degree weather.   Yet next week, it’s going to be back down to low 60’s again.  The weathermen always say, if you don’t like the weather in ...
Eighteen years ago thins June 3, we bought our first house.  My boys were two and a half and one.  We didn’t look at 23 different homes over six months.  We bought the first one we looked at. My husband was working at a paper mill. The rumors were flying that they were going to close their doors ...

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