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Blog about internet marketing concepts and ideas for the real estate industry. I am also a Zillow employee, so you will find occasional updates and information about the Zillow in my blog content as well.
This morning, I received an email from the head of marketing at a very large real estate company who is a listing partner of Zillow's. He asked me if I had a canned response to agents asking about Zestimate accuracy. Here's the email that I sent him:     Hi XX, We have two videos on this topic wh...
We’ve all heard there’s “no such thing as a national weather forecast” when trying to explain that real estate is local. Most real estate websites only post their national traffic numbers. While there is some value to seeing this number, it is also important to know how much of that traffic is ha...
If you aren't into social media, you'll find this particularly funny.   Ironically, social media is one of the reasons that this skit has become so popular.  Yes, Conan has a significant reach.  But it has become compounded as people share this viral video through YouTube, blogging, twittering, e...
This blog post was featured today on Active Rain.  I wanted to reBlog it because I think this is very important information for Realtors understand.  You should be spending your time and efforts on sites that do all follows.  Zillow is one of the only top trafficked real estate sites that has a d...
There are 13,000 of you who have an Active Rain blog AND active profiles on Zillow.  As of today, and thru collaboration with the good folks at AR, you now have a link from your Zillow profile to your Active Rain blog!  Just one more way people can find the great content so many of you produce. I...
Day 2 of the conference was more about developing strategies around the numbers that we learned on the first day of the conference.  And then I give my final thoughts on the general vibe I have been seeing at all the real estate shows I have attended this year.  Day 1 recap
The RIS Media Leadership Conference is going on today and tomorrow in NYC.  Today's opening session had some many interesting figures in it, that I didn't think I could do it justice by typing it all up, so I did a video recap.  The videos are stat heavy.  **Warning - the numbers aren't good, in ...
We spend a lot of time here on Active Rain, and in social media seminars, talking about how to use Facebook as professionals to be found by new clients.  This week, the shoe was on the other foot for me!  On Monday I hired a Realtor to sell one of my investment properties in Waukee, IA.  My husba...
Have an open house coming up?  You can enter the event information on Zillow, it is free and easy to do.  When you enter the information, your listing will receive special treatment on the site to alert people to the open house.  The information will show up the week prior to the open house, and ...
I think this is a fantastic marketing strategy for a developer in Chicago  trying to close out the last of the townhomes in University Village.  The general plan: - On Sept 26th he is holding a 1 day only, last chance sale. - Units open for show at 9am and they'll start taking contracts at noon. ...

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