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  Divorce is complicated in all kinds of ways...and you will hve to trust me when I say that if you have been divorced...or know someone who has been (who doesn't ?) does not make you an expert on divorce and real estate.     There are so many pieces....and they need to be put together while the...
      There are soooo many fingers that can point when financing fails.....the Buyer should/should not have/didn't... The Selling agent should....the Lender could...the excuses are many and our minds, very few of them valid if everyone does their homework.    Once a long time ago in t...
  We are not the most techie people you know.....and in factfar from it...the easier and few clicks the better...writing attractive posts should not be a should be a wonderful exercise in marketing, creativity, sharing....learning...all of the above !   We love to sprinkle graphics...
  We used to say that my Dad and his brother would bet on anything...whether or not it would rain....any slot machine in sight....and of course...our beloved  Green Bay Packers.  This is a pool that includes everything and anything....the world series.....the Packer season....the Bowls...the wor...
    In southeastern Wisconsin it is very often required that a Buyer accompany any offer with a letter of pre-approval.  In the case of our listings.....we go one step further and in our MLS descriptions we say: "A letter of pre approval from a locally recognized lender."   Lenders out of the are...
    Would that this was true...that not one more time we would have to take folders full of information, explain the process and how it may happen...that renting was the in the foreseeable future for years to come. How DOES it happen ? You think to yourself...the economy is Wisconsin ...
 We always say that we take 2 nights "off"...Tuesday and Saturday.   We have yet to have anyone want to see a house or list one on Saturday night so it's dinner out or friends in...and chill....BBQ now...or homemade soup starters when the weather dictates bone warming.     Tuesdays are different...
 In Wisconsin....part of the Offer to Purchase has an inspection contingency....does the Buyer want one and how long does he have to do it....and then what IF further evaluation is needed by....a foundation specialist, plumber, electrician, etc. ? The time line can be extended to allow for addit...
   Let us set the stage for this post with please no comments on what you don't eat and should not look at...those are very very individual choices....sometimes medically necessary and others by your own choices.  We come from all things in moderation school and you know your limitations or alle...
   Pewaukee is one of the suburbs in Waukesha county....for those not "Badger state familiar"...Waukesha county is the first county west of Milwaukee county...Milwaukee is perched on the shores of Lake Michigan.  People sometimes use the expression here "It's cooler near the Lake" !  They aren't...

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