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  One of the charities that we support is Special Olympics. If you have ever been to an event...known someone...or a family who participates in the many games they have experienced the smile and rush of accomplishment you can see on the face of a person who has overcome yet another c...
  On Tuesday, we "celebrate" what we call Nacco Tacho Tuesday....and that means meeting a friend, client, vendor, lender....or a break from what is usually a 7 day work week...a mini "chill pill" though sometimes it ends up being real estate discussions and that's more than fine.    Last night, ...
    The dance of divorce related transactions knows no respite...and the phone calls begin with our introduction to the Sellers as being a recommendation from their lawyers...or both lawyers.       Invariably, one or the other spouse knows a Realtor...their neighbor, cousin, friend is a Realtor....
  We are pleased to be working with a number of young professionals who are seeing the wisdom of home ownership in the near future.  The very real threat...make that reality of contined rent increases....the lack of privacy....the desire to have someplace that they can call "their own" are all f...
    It is the time of year....if you have not yet written your marketing plan for the new year....the thoughts of what can be done differently....reinforced...or omitted are whirling your head as the first of the year approaches.     In my career before real estate...I owned a marketing agency a...
    If you are a cat know that the cat owns you...not you it....and so it is with Houdini Alpha Hanson....a/k/a Dini....Dine Monster....NoDownOff....Hanson Home Entertainment Center.      My Mother used to say that she wished I would have one child just like me....and that would be di...
   Flooring is something homeowners do not change frequently and want to be educated on the Pros and Cons of materials before deciding what to use in which rooms. We had occasion recently to look at alternatives to ceramic tile and hardwood floors and researched the huge assortment of Luxury Viny...
 This song is one that was sung as the recessional at family funerals.....and the words seem to be appropriate today as family's gather to share in today's celebration....and in getting together with family and friends in the days that follow. Remembering the lyrics brings tears easily as I reca...
   'Wondering the very BEST way to ring in the New Year in southeastern Wisconsin ?  Wonder no can begin the day at Matty's with A Bloody if you wish...if you never had won't know if you should eat it or drink many "garnishes" it is a meal in itself !    Dinner choice...
 'Twas the night before Christmas    And somewhere in the house...     There was a creature stirring...      It may be a mouse.The exterminator was called      The festivities would beginTurkey in the oven...    Uncle George with his gin. The children were asleep at long last.Parents exhausted ha...

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