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           I got an email the other day from someone that ended  I hope  all is well….or you see that every other word is Awesome….I know  the author could  care less if I was well, all or part.   Have you ever looked at your own…or other communication to find it peppered with whatever phrases ar...
   We use the 2 step method of listing presentation....we talk about what the Seller wants and expects....we have checklists of various kinds relating to things that are important to buyers. People can choose or not choose to have an inspection prior to putting the home on the the rec...
      Buyers sometimes want multiple visits to a property after they have an accepted offer...after they have been there twice....after they have attended the inspection...just because.....they want to go thru and measure this....they do not remember that...this request is more often to come duri...
  We know that we are both formally and informally part of the wishes of people that we serve as the Realtors for the family.  The sentiments are tear jerking...the notes that say when they can no longer see  their house...they want our sign in front of it.  It is a compliment of course....someti...
AS IS..or sometimes...IS NOT is the should I sell this house ?  We hear this echoed throughout our market these days.  The situations vary...if it is a short sale there is likely no choice.... Sometimes a little scraping and paint may take a house from kind of financing to another...
   As we have blogged before ....we are not the agents that buy listings....we will not list a house for the desired price of the Seller(s) and in the end expire it because it is beyond the reach of the buyers....or endlessly ask for price reductions.  As a result, we have had less than one price...
Thank you Carla...a thoughtful subject for a contest...ready to jump in or not....I can think of a number of times when staying on the beach would have been a safer career move than swimming against the current....and yet it was those lessons that developed the muscles to propel us to greater le...
   Social media and the internet in general have become wonderful outlets for introducing and advertising listings. It has replaced many other mediums as primary and we have come to think of it as the first place to do 95% of all buyers.    As agents, lenders, and allied professionals...
   What distinguishes one.....Realtor, Retailer, Friend, Relative, Neighborhood, State....and the list could continue ....from another ?    What stands out in your mind when you are asked what your favorite __________is  ?  What is your favorite you have yet to visit, vista you have y...
   We see lots of offers on Veterans Day for free meals or discounts.....and Matt Anderson has taken this a step further....a step that reminds all of us that Memorial Day is a day of honor...for the sacrifice, the love of country and the freedoms that we  hold dear....and Matty is offering a dis...

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