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This actually happened with some guys from Maine .   They dressed the truck up with the guy spread eagled on the roof.   The driver and passengers put on Moose heads.   They went down the Maine toll road Interstate, causing 16 accidents.   Yes; they all went to jail... Yes; alcohol was involved....
      Buyers sometimes assume that if an agent is showing them a house....or even if they meet the agent at an open house...that the agent is working for them...that the Agent can advise them as to the price they should offer...not true...not in Wisconsin....we always qualify our statements since...
   In a word  "YES" Wisconsin....if you have someone who has expressed interest in a home that you are selling...either your own or an may list that person as an exception to the contract. As an exception, they can deal directly with you and not pay the commission of a Realtor....
   Real estate terms can be confusing...withdraw and expire can sound like the same thing...that the Seller would have the same Wisconsin...not true !      If an agent tells a Seller that she/he will "withdraw" the listing...that means that it will no longer be actively marketed and t...
Why are the Moving ????  If you have been a licensed Real Estate agent for more than a week and taken a buyer to a are apt to be asked this question. There are lots of reasons for moving...job relocation, upsize, downsize, divorce, etc.    Unless and until an agent has the permission ...
     The price of the home is not the determining factor in whether or not a seller may qualify for a short sale. The decline of the real estate market and economic conditions have combined in some parts of the country, that may mean that if you have a luxury home, you could qualifiy for a short ...
    The definition of a luxury home can change from market to market.....because the definition of luxury is tied to the price for which the home sells....NOT lists.   There are homes across the country that would have fit the market price definition of "luxury" a few years ago....and do to the d...
    We take soooo much for granted....the terms we use every day....this "question" contest....thank you Banana Lady...made us search our memory for this question....when we were Newbies and had no outline of the steps that are required in the purchase of a house.      Ernest is not really the ch...
      Lots of Realtors claim "short sale experience"....and unfortunately that is not always the how is a consumer to know who to entrust their financial future to when doing a short sale ? We recommend a that you ask for proof of successful experienced professional will...
  When the conversation begins..."I went to a seminar..." one never knows what kind of "Get Something for Nothing"  advice/forecast/prediction the entrepreneurial potential buyer has received. They went to the seminar...webinar....informational something or other.  The Speaker will tell them that...

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