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  Because a part of our practice is devoted to divorcing/divorced couples...someone sent me this joke and thought I would share it...Enjoy ! How Many Women? A little boy was attending his first wedding. After the service, his cousin asked him, "How many women can a man marry?" "Sixteen," the boy ...
       As agents who devote a part of our practice to Short Sales….we very often get the question….”Who is the Lender on this listing ?” OR from a prospective short sale Seller…”My lender is ABC Bank…is that a bad thing ?”       It really doesn’t matter to us who the lender is….we have made it ou...
       It was our very great pleasure to celebrate Chinese New Year at MEIJI Chinese and Japanese Restaurant in Waukesha, WIsconsin with  our very happy sellers who just received an offer on their home. Mrs. Seller is an oriental gourmet cook and in fact teaches cooking classes so we knew that th...
HaGong Xi Fa Ca! That’s the traditional Chinese New Year greeting that means “wishing you prosperity” in Mandarin. Happy New Year !  Today begins the Chinese New Year and the year of the Dragon. The dragon is perceived as a mystical and auspicious creature in Chinese cultures and this year is exp...
  Be Snow Careful This Winter Driving Season !              The snowfalls in the northern and midwestern parts of the country can lead to some challenging driving conditions.  Whether you are new to this seasonal difference or have lived in these conditions all your life,  the combination of snow...
  If you have ever taken a cat to a Vet...or for any car ride and they decide they would rather stay home...the unique yowling...using you for a scratching post, locking their "knees" to avoid the carrier.....knowing that the blanket or towel that comes out of the closet only for such trips means...
            You have heard it before....No one has a warmer heart that Matt Anderson....our pal, your host at Matty's Bar in New Berlin, Wisconsin  and we know you won't want to miss your opportunity to add a little spark to those winter blues....and join the Polar Plunge ! Yes sports e...
A few years ago....this home was in the path of a tornado.....and that is why, from the roof to the siding...much of the interior was all replaced....and now sparkles as one of the best values in Waukesha County.  This short sale is ready to call home at this unbelievable price ! Take a peak and...
  Last night we had the great pleasure of having dinner at Casablanca on Brady Street...Brady Street is a wonderful mix of cultural culinary delights from many corners of the globe....and part of what makes southeastern Wisconsin such a diverse and wonderful place to live.  This taste of the Midd...
    You won't have to play "pin the diaper" or guess the weight, sex, due games at this shower....Just pure enjoyment knowing that you helped to welcome  the newest members of the community with your gift of things that they need most.   You can go to the grocery store and find a case o...

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