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    If there was only one "right way"....just ONE way to interpret the decide who has what rights...who gets what in this dispute, divorce...who owes who what....pays taxes on this and not that...there would be one lawyer....and there are people who would make the case...that would be a...
  What seems like a million years ago...when televisions were black and white.....when the test pattern ran all night....before videos...remote controls...cable.,...there was a show called WHO DO YOU TRUST ?   It was 1957....Johnny Carson hosted the show which had couples with interesting backgro...
       One of the protections that is offered home buyers is a CLUE REPORT.... IF you don't have a clue...get one !  What IS a Clue Report ?  It is history of insurance claims for a property that gives the buyer a view of any past problems.  If the sellers had claims for basement work as the resu...
    Chicken Little broadcast loudly to the barnyard that "The sky was falling, the sky was falling !"  It was not of course....and in "real life" while there may be a few thunder storms...even lightning strikes....the sky very seldom falls. ....never that know...though it may seem that way at som...
      Decision making can be a painful process. Sometimes it feels that the biggest and hardest decisions must be  made at a time when we have the least amount of strength to make them.   When we are emotionally involved with an individual and have their health care power of someti...
       We had a call yesterday from an agent considering writing an offer on one of our short sale listings...he said he knew all about short sales....and he had prepared his buyers that they may have to wait at least 21 days for bank approval....oh there's a thought.  I asked him if t...
     Did you ever notice that when e-mail, you tend to give it a voice ?  You decide know the person....and don't like them...that there is a snicker, some hidden meaning only YOU know...there must be a problem....You lend your own interpretation based upon your pre-conception ...o...
    I know that many gals that wear earrings have pierced ears...and I would guess from the lack of clip on earrings available in retail could safely say...MOST and women who choose ear jewelry have pierced ears.   Then there are folks like me who have an allergy to n...
   Remember the song..."I think that all.....have beans in their ears....".....and sometimes I think that there are agents who have that same vegetarian they office mates, managers, co-brokes...the art of listening is sometimes lost. Or..the ever popular...hear what you want to beli...
     There once was a short sale seller who  Didn't want to leave the state before closing on her short sale even though she had a  good over asking the very great risk of losing her new out of state job Paid a lawyer to tell her exactly what we already told her...paying him with mone...

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