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Information about buying and selling homes in Fair Oaks, escrow problems, life's dramas, my childhood, how to buy a home, stupid pet tricks, how to sell a home, stuff about Fair Oaks, how I learned stuff, my best vacations, real estate terminology... heck - It's whatever I feel like writing about after 3 decades of being a Realtor, mom and wife. Your Fair Oaks Realtor
Fair Oaks, Ca is a charming community on the banks of the American River, upstream of Sacramento. Over 100 years old, it has one of the few Old Towns in the Sacramento area, plus beautiful neighborhoods composed of craftsman and traditional homes.  And chickens?? Yep, we're known for our wanderin...
I have always felt that as soon as people gain confidence in the economy, and jobs start becoming available, our housing prices will begin to rise. Today the paper said the US economy is heating up. Hmmm... maybe it's happening. In trying to figure this out, I feel like one of the blind guys desc...
I keep getting notices from banks, including my own, that they will lower my interest rate on my home mortgage into the 3s with no fees.  Yeah, right... same day that pigs fly, I think. But it's actually true. I heard it on Clark Howard's radio show! Then last week I got my letter from Chase. "3....
I've probably sold my last home on an FHA 203K Streamline loan.  They seemed pretty cool, and last year I sold 3 homes with them. But yesterday's call changed all that. "Sally, I haven't been paid on the second half yet", said the contractor. "9,350 bucks worth". We had been told the last draw, w...
Fair Oaks is a beautiful town on the banks of the American River on the outskirts of Sacramento, Ca. Eclectic, tradtional, artsy, charming, bucolic, rural, towering oak trees, and lazey chickens all describe Fair Oaks. But nothing says Fair Oaks like its beautiful homes. The homes south of Windin...
How are YOU dealing with cable, internet and phones in YOUR home? I'm whacking out $370 a month. That seems ridiculous. I just got this email from a 25 year friend... "Latest on cutting some fluff/bills out of our lives... and saving only a nickel in the scheme of things while we are at it.We no ...
A few years ago, I wrote this for my Mom. It's one of my most precious memories.  I ended the post saying if you don't have a Mom like this, then BE one. I think my Mom wrote the book on how to be a good mom, by also being a good friend.  I hope you enjoy it. My Mom is now 87, and has moved aroun...
My escrow almost blew up today, because my buyer found out the HOA payment was $50 a month more than she thought.  "It's HOW MUCH??? I was told it was much less", she said. Hmmmm... why did she think that? Did I give her that information??? Come to discover she got the wrong info from Trulia.com,...
I sold a Carmichael home for around $1M last year. Last week, my seller got a $665K appraisal for his refinance. Ouch! Did his home really drop that much in value? No. No. No. In fact, homes over $700K in Carmichael have retained their value over the past two years. (look at the chart below) So w...
Last year our new Fair Oaks neighbor moved an elephant into his front yard. I almost crashed the first time I saw it. WWHHUUUTTTTT! Who IS this BOZO? I snarkily commented. Where's his pink flamingo? Heh, heh, heh. This guys dudn't have enough to do, quite obviously! Fourth of July he had a little...

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