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Today we took our most historic hike.  #26 (of 60) started at the Confluence of the Middle and North Forks of the American River in Auburn, and looped up to the historic Stagecoach Trail - along the route taken by the stagecoach between Auburn and Foresthill in the late 1800s.  I must say they ha...
My husband's high end bike was stolen while watching the America's Cup last year.  Bummer.  But the $4200 check we received the following week eased the pain.  He's now riding on a really cool bike, thanks to Farmer's. While a stolen bike pales in comparison to a home burning down, it did point o...
I never imagined I would be dreaming about numbers.  But I do. Leaf numbers.  Shadow numbers.  Numbers from a found inner tube.  Even from pine cones. We're on a mission to hike 60 different hikes by next September, and started our first with a fingered "1".  "Let's do two fingers, for our second...
  You break out your dusty bike and get ready for a ride, only to find you have a low tire. Bummer, huh?  But if you are lucky enough to be riding the American River Bike Trail  near the Sunrise Bridge in Fair Oaks, Robin Hood has arrived! Check out the new Bike Repair Station they just installed...
I love going back over the previous year to see who I helped buy and sell a home.  There are always so many reasons, but one fact remains - we seem to be hellbent on moving! For 2013 I sold 39 homes.  The biggest reason seems to be a change of home - bigger, smaller, different neighborhood, or to...
Yep, we went to prison today, Folsom Prison, to be exact. And no, we weren't sent to the slammer. Instead we hiked up a short spur of the Canal Historic Trail from Rainbow Bridge in Folsom, to the gates that posted we would be shot if we went any further. OK, not SHOT, exactly, but definitely in ...
It's dry here in Sacramento.  6" of rain so far, when our average is 18".  A problem?  You bet. Any advantages?  You bet. And today I walked on one of the mega advantages! Our walk #24 (out of 60) was oddly around the bottom of a lake. Folsom Lake is usually huge - 11,000 surface acres with 75 mi...
Boy did I learn a lesson on Hike #23. It involved keys, a zipper, and a slouchy drop of my jacket while taking a picture of the number 23 formed with sticks. Becky, my walking partner, and I parked near the town of Cool, up Hwy 49 South of Auburn, CA.  After connecting on parts of the Wendell T. ...
Last July I wrote about my goal of doing 60 walks by next September. A fellow Realtor and I threw down the gauntlet after having trained to walk in the Komen 3 Day in San Francisco, and made the commitment. What has happened since has been amazing.  We are up to #24, and are having an awesome tim...
I AM biased - but this must rank up there as one of the best.  And if she doesn't look like the Bond Girl who just snagged her Bond Man, who does??? My daughter was married this past weekend, at Sugar Bowl in Truckee - a spectacular venue.  This moment captures the whole shebang - the love, the s...

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