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Information about buying and selling homes in Fair Oaks, escrow problems, life's dramas, my childhood, how to buy a home, stupid pet tricks, how to sell a home, stuff about Fair Oaks, how I learned stuff, my best vacations, real estate terminology... heck - It's whatever I feel like writing about after 3 decades of being a Realtor, mom and wife. Your Fair Oaks Realtor
Fun Things To Do In And Around Sacramento   Sacramento is an exciting place to live.  Our claim to fame is we are two hours from everything - San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, the Gold Country, the Wine Country, snow skiing, and scuba diving.   But we have our own jewels right here.  Downtown Sac is bur...
The buzz in Fair Oaks Village on Saturday was coming from a scissor life, a couple of guys, and a crow bar yanking the old siding off of an even older building front - 1908 to be exact. The Fair Oaks Brew Pub is coming to town! In the video below, building owner Rich Schmitt talks about the cool ...
It was 1931 - the beginning of the Great Depression.  I was 8 years old. We lived in Lima, Ohio, where Dad worked for the Post Office. He had lost his job. Not good timing. I was the 5th of 7 kids, including twin 1 year old boys. For whatever reason, the prospects out West looked better than Lima...
"I remember the terror", she said.  "I was at Boeing Aircraft, working, 70 years ago.  I was 20. "They called us out into the hall.  It was 11:00. We didn't have TV then - only radio and the overhead announcements. They told us what was happening at that moment. The biggest invasion of the war.  ...
When you sell your home, should you disclose a bad neighbor? Afterall, you must disclose all problems. But what do you mean by bad? Bad, like he yells at you for playing your music at 11PM?  Bad in that he called the cops on your barking dog? Bad in that he is Justin Bieber and he speeds through ...
As a Fair Oaks Realtor, I hear this question a lot. What is the best neighborhood in Fair Oaks? And my answer is like a broken record. It depends on what is important to you. Do you value freeway access over tranquility? Do you want a big lot with lots of breathing room, or a small low maintenanc...
Sailor Bar is an amazing place to walk, bike and experience the American River in Fair Oaks, Ca.  It's a 114 acre river bar that feels wild and wonderful, yet holds the secrets and scarring of 100 years of gold mining history. It's a walker's paradise! Sailor Bar extends from the Hazel Bridge alo...
Hold on.  I gotta take off my muddy boots.  I just came in from the bar. Not the Dew Drop Inn, but Sailor Bar - the hiking & biking wonderland along the American River in Fair Oaks, CA, with miles of trails. It's not easy to know all the ways to get there, but I have just poked and prodded every ...
Taxes are very different from one state to another.  In California, you are protected from rising taxes by Proposition 13.  Because of Prop 13 in 1978, you will pay a maximum of 1-1/4 % of the assessed value in your taxes, with small incremental increases allowed each year if values increase.  So...
I started walking to get in shape.  And to support breast cancer research.  And because it sounded like a challenge. BUT I thought it would take away from my business. Instead it ended up being GOOD for business!  How did that happen??? Last January I agreed to walk in the Susan G. Komen 3 Day wa...

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