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Information about buying and selling homes in Fair Oaks, escrow problems, life's dramas, my childhood, how to buy a home, stupid pet tricks, how to sell a home, stuff about Fair Oaks, how I learned stuff, my best vacations, real estate terminology... heck - It's whatever I feel like writing about after 3 decades of being a Realtor, mom and wife. Your Fair Oaks Realtor
We're lucky in Fair Oaks to live with one of our nation's crown jewels... the American River Parkway.  Right in our back yard!  It's miles and miles of natural beltway bordering the river as it winds and bend through Fair Oaks on it's way to the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. Go for a walk ...
Last year I wrote this post about our family vacations in the Oregon dunes.  We're getting ready to go again in a few days, and just thought I'ld give you all a picture of "Sand Dune Sal" over the next week.  So here's my repeat..... My Favorite vacations... Part 1. Sandrailing in the Oregon Dune...
Today a fellow realtor told me about her seller's accusation that our touring Realtors stole $30K worth of her jewelery! Ann, the realtor, was the only one with the alarm code, and was there for every showing of the Miillion dollar home.  The week the home was on tour, she hosted the home and was...
Jane just got out of medical school pumped up to buy her first home.  After checking out all Fair Oaks homes close enough to the American River Bike Trail for her to bike to her new hospital, we made an offer on one.  She was in heaven, and her daughter said she didn't know homes that beautiful e...
Dang! It just happened again! My buyer's daughter transferred $20K into their account, because they're really buying the condo for the daughter with her money. (The daughter has bad credit, but a wad of money, so Mom and Dad are making the purchase for her).  Now we need to show proof of where th...
"You're a Good Man Char.... (err e err e eRRRRRRRR...).. lie Brown".  Yep, sound like Fair Oaks to me. Roosters settling in for the night, crowing their contentment, as The Fair Oaks Theatre production of "Charlie Brown" enchants it's intimate audience under the twinkling stars. Tucked into our q...
The day after tomorrow, I am moving my late-80's parents to Fair Oaks from the Las Vegas Area.  My Mom plays cards 4 nights a week at her Sun City club house, and goes to the casinos on occasion (OK... all the pit bosses know her by name, and some even know MY name!) My Dad is pretty content to s...
Crap.  I finally did it.  Returned that disgusting invite that started insultingly showing up in my maiilbox when I turned 50. Who are they trying to fool... I'm not falling for that geiser-stuff! I'm still a spring chicken, fer cryin out loud!!! AARP is for loosers!!!!!! AARP was hunting me down...
31 years ago I said "I do" to the man of my dreams.  I'm still saying it today. When we first met, I thought he was Adonis.  A Greek God. And the hottest hunk I'ld ever seen. I was 15. Dave was my oldest brother's friend, and seemingly oblivious to my puppy-like presense. I don't think I ever sai...
She bought me boots.  I was 7 years old.  I was a girl. Yet she bought me boots. It was 1958. Girls wore frilly dresses.  Boys were “boys”, and collected frogs. My family just had all our possessions turned to ash when our interim warehouse burned down, during our move from Tuscon to Seattle.  We...

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