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I have been in the mortgage business for over 12 years in Olathe, KS.  I have always worked with first time homebuyers and have helped these clients grow into a 2nd and 3rd home.  My struggle has always been consistancy in non-sales follow-up.I have tried many systems with email follow-up, mail m...
Fha Secure is a great program to help homeowners that thought they would benefit from a ARM loan and now have found their payment ballooning.You can qualify for a refinance at a low fixed rate if you are currently behind in your mortgage payments due to the increased rate.  Fha is very clear that...
Harvesting the equity in your home is a concept many homeowners are not familiar with.  Consuming the equity in your home is the philosophy of internet lending.   Mortgage Bankers have always built their business by helping clients obtain a good home loan.  With the mortgage certification (CMPS) ...

Ron Yarbrough

Ron Yarbrough
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