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Commercial real estate development is back and more grandiose than ever. Before the market meltdown of 2008, we swa similar start up projects ranging from small market centers all the way to monumental skyscrapers being built on what seemed like a daily basis. Once that market crashed though, tho...
We have seen an increasingly different trend over the past few decades of work being done faster, more efficient, more flexible and cost effective. The issue that arises is that these class A offices that most central business districts in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, Sa...
Health care providers are flocking to get a piece of the retail space pie. Numerous tenants are looking for different sizes, locations and pricing to offer to their current and future patients with affordable Monroe commercial real estate. They want retail space. Health care ranging from dental a...
Commercial real estate in Monroe and across the entire United States are seeing a drastic turnaround from the recent 2008 crash that hit this powerful industry harder than anyone had expected. Now with the government back from being shutdown for a little over 3 weeks, the recovery/ rebirth of th...
“The amount of capital that is coming from foreign investors in the U.S. is going to accelerate pretty dramatically,” Mark Gibson, executive managing director of HFF LP, stated to real estate investors this previous Friday in a meeting held in Dallas, TX. It looks as though these investors are c...
We are now on week three of the Government Shutdown in Washington, and one thing is for sure, commercial real estate in Monroe has not really taken a hit. Even with our top government officials desperately try to fix this current issue plaguing America, most individuals look to the real estate ma...
Although it may be taking a little bit longer to get your loan approved for the purchase of any and all Monroe Commercial real estate, the overall mortgage rates have not dropped quite yet. Even with the government shutdown running on over a week now, the mortgage rates are still way above where ...
Social Media giant and hashtag creator, Twitter, has been linked with the idea of looking to increase their commercial real estate up to a potential space with an additional 300,000 square feet. With the increase in active users, advertisers and daily tweets, this expansion just looks like one of...
Hiring a real estate agent can be one of the most beneficial options you can make when looking to purchase, lease or sell Monroe commercial real estate. These five reasons just scratch the service of the amount of time, effort and skills that are involved with selling properties for a living. Wo...
The biggest news in real estate just hit the stands as Mortgage rates have come to a nine week low over the past few week. We can attribute this drop due to the Fed's bond buying program still going in tact to help the Monroe real estate market increase during this recovery. The national average ...

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