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Relocating Within Your Monroe Office In most commercial leases that you will see in the Monroe office market, many landlords will state that the tenant may be moved to accompany a larger tenant that is looking to lease in their office. No matter what size business you own, you should never allow ...
Open or Private Office Plan Debate Who does not love a good old fashioned debate when it comes to open offices versus private offices? Monroe commercial real estate is right in the middle on this debate as many commercial buildings are featuring both types of plans as the 2014 year pushes past it...
Got Signage In Your Monroe Office? When you are working from a commercial office, having your name anywhere you can on the building can help your marketing tremendously. Just from the drive by traffic, the foot traffic and of course the marketing that the building does alone can help you out.
Always Negotiate Your Monroe Office Parking Whether in a downtown setting or even in a city office, parking should always be discussed. The areas of parking are typically there for the tenants, clients, visitors and customers.
What Can A Monroe Tenant Rep Do For You? Hiring a commercial tenant representative can be the best task that you can do when looking to move from on commercial location to another. Tenant reps are easy to come by, but finding the right commercial real estate agent takes time and know how
Add Flexibility Into Your Next Monroe Office Lease When looking in to a lease agreement, long-term leases tend to rule the Monroe office space. 3-15 years is typically the normal amount you can expect, while thinking of your actual business beyond a 2-3 year span can make for a little hectic of a...
Does Your Monroe Commercial Real Estate Adviser Work Solely With You? Finding a Monroe commercial real estate adviser in 2014 is not that hard of a task, but finding one that can tend to your needs when you are looking for information can be the tricky part. The top tenant advisers that you would...
My Ideal Monroe Commercial Real Estate Referral As a real estate agent who has been working in the industry for as long as I have, a good portion of my business comes from previous referrals from clients I helped out.
Top 10 Ways You Know You Choose The Wrong Monroe Commercial Real Estate Agent Wondering just how you may be able to tell that you have chosen the wrong Monroe Commercial real estate agent? We have compiled a list of the Top 10 ways you may know that the agent is just not right for you:
What Does Your Monroe Commercial Real Estate Agent Specialize In? The difference that commercial real estate agents and residential real estate agents in Monroe are far and in between. Each sector of the real estate market serves it's purpose to our economy and of course towards our community tha...

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