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World's Coolest Commercial Real Estate Offices Recently, came out with their list of the world's coolest offices to work in for 2014. With this being their 4th annual review, the stakes were risen. With commercial real estate back up on the rise this year, it is no shock to see that some ...
What The New Workforce Truly Wants The new workforce that is starting to evolve the office environment from what we have seen over the past few decades is coming in at full force with new ideas, new ways of working and new infrastructures.
Where Will Our Office In Monroe Be In The Future? Productivity is always a top priority of every office. How to make the office infrastructure work like a well oiled machine is what every company truly looks for. Many companies now though are looking to a more lackadaisical approach to the office.
Considering A Build To Suit Monroe Office Lease? When looking for a new place to call home for your Business in Monroe, you have four options that are readily available at any time: Lease out an office that is vacant Purchase a building and potentially renovate the interior Build your own office ...
Monroe Commercial Leases And SNDA's Whenever you are looking at relocating, moving or just signing in to leasing a Monroe Commercial property, you must obtain a Subordination and Non-Disturbance Agreement. Normally known to the commercial market as a SNDA, the clause enables the rights of the ten...
Should You Own Or Lease Your Monroe Office? Leasing or owning an office is one of the most sought after questions you will hear in theMonroe Commercial Real Estate market. What most buyers find attractive if the option to own your own business real estate.
Is Your Monroe Office Plotting To Kill You? The obvious answer to this question is no, the Monroe office is not plotting to kill us. But what we are talking about is more about the health issues that occur from working in an office for too long. 
How Acoustics affect your Monroe Office Bad acoustics are often the culprit in many unsuccessful workplace design projects. Below, Steve Johnson, a principal at ADI Workplace Acoustics, explains how and why the proper use of sound masking and sound absorbing materials can make enormous improvemen...
Negotiating The Office Lease with Financial Analysis In 2014, you can find Monroe office space available just about anywhere, but in the end, great deals on that particular office lease are not found, they are negotiated. Using all of the tools to your advantage can help your bottom line while gi...
Your Monroe Commercial Real Estate Is Your Advertising When you are looking to move in to a new building, what is the first thing you look for? Do you try and find some place local that will gather a lot of foot traffic? Maybe even aMonroe office that will give you potential signage to display yo...

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