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If you have been listening to the news recently, then you have probably heard that the Feds have decided to not stop the Bond Buying process after all. Although you may be thinking "why does this matter to me", this actually plays a big part in to the mortgage buying process. Buyers looking to re...
It's very funny when we see Commercial Real Estate investors that aren't using their properties as tax write offs. When in fact, these rented, leased or owned properties can actually benefit them immensely in the return of their entire refund. Now we are well aware that April has come and gone, ...
The stock market has always been seen as the investors paradise when it comes to making long term purchases. Buy a stock, let it sit in the market and then find out in a few months or years if it has gone up or down. It was always seen as another form of gaining passive income in comparison to le...
Although it is still over half of a year away, it is never too early to start thinking about how you can save some of your extra hard earned money in taxes. Being a Monroe real estate investor does have the fair share of benefits during this time though. Let's take a look at three big tips we wou...
Commercial real estate is coming back in at a rapid pace in Louisiana, and now is the optimal time to sell your property. If you currently own an office space, not lease but own, now have never been a better time to put that property on the market and let the bidding war begin. Our clients are co...
Real Estate expert, Sean Cummings, has started to develop 18 brand new projects in the New Orleans area, including condominiums, hotels, and luxury lofts with floor-to-ceiling windows. “New Orleans was once unappealing to many investors because it was thought of as a giant bar,” stated Cummings, ...
  Let's just take a look at this graph. Over a year and a half later and the mortage rates are still climbing. They hit an all time low and are now making what looked to be a peak back in January of 2012 just a mole hill. The one thing we can interpret from this graph is that things are definite...
Ryan Roark ranked #23 Nationwide Ryan Roark, CCIM of Keller Williams Commercial was recently ranked #23 on Activerain's nationwide list of commercial real estate brokers.
Comparing Commercial and Residential Real Estate By Dirk Zeller from Success as a Real Estate Agent For Dummies Comparing commercial real estate to residential real estate is like comparing apples to oranges. Both are from the same genre, but that is where the similarities end. The following are ...
In the recent National Association of Realtors’ 2013 Buyer and Seller Generational Trends study, millennial's are becoming the next big purchasers of commercial real estate in the Louisiana area. These new buyers and sellers are a little different than the ones you may be used to. With infinite ...

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