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Hello everyone how are you on this glorious day.  Well Real Estate is still a bit rough, in fact very rough, but we are making due.  IT is important to not give up and continue to have hope.  Without hope we will fall into failure.  The market is rough , but I believe there is a silver lining in ...
Hello everyone,   It is nice to blog to you today.  I have an issue that I feel is something that actually affects numerous realtors.  Asking for referrals.  This is difficult to many, because of a wide range of reasons.  The main reason I find is that people are embarassed to ask for them.  They...
Hello everyone how is it going today.  I have been reading and watching the news with deep sadness and shock.  Hurricane Ike, though a very short name, packed a powerful 1-2 punch to Galveston And Houston.  From what I read 4 blocks of homes and businesses closest to the Gulf were literally wiped...
With the recent events that have unfolded today I am sure many people are very nervous.  Lehman Brothers has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and in order to not go belly up Merrill Lynch has been taken over by Bank of America.  This is very bad for the economy as represented today by the stock ma...
Hello all how are you today...  I am curious as to how I stop getting e-mail notifications for every comment I get.  There must be a way to reduce the amount coming in my mailbox.  If anyone could answer this  Iwould really appreciate it. Oh by the way thanks for the correction on Dale Carnegie-N...
Hello how is everyone...   This is my first blog ever, but I would like to say that I will be posting some great stuff.  I feel like I have a great grasp of the world including our challenging market.  My view is optimistic and I realize that regardless of the difficulty of the market we can stil...

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