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I have included comments at the end of my original blog.  I have re read the bill and studied it more carefully, and realize now it is too broad.  Protection for consumers needs to be in place for non-standard loans but this bill is too vast.  I would support a simple recission period or somethin...
Rates are rising and the economy is uncertain with this upward trend.  We need to be dilligent to recognize what is best for customers and educate what these rates will do to their individual loan.  Some people it will have a substantial impact on their budget but others, not so much.  We need to...
The State of Oregon has passed a law that will aim to protect homebuyers and punish predetory lenders. Salem-News.Com Print View Senate Passes Bill to Protect Homebuyers Page 1 of 1 Salem-News.com (May-11-2007 12:49) Senate Passes Bill to Protect Homebuyers Salem-News.com Home Loan Fairness Act w...
The Bend Bulletin reports today that Bend/Deschutes County is ranked #4 in the nation in growth through the period of 2000 tthrough 2006.  The area grew 29.3% in that time frame! As compared to other metro areas in Oregon which were 10% or less during the same time frame.  This spells continued b...
These days there is a bunch of poor information out in the "buzz" about what your home may be truly worth.  Ultimately your house is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.  It would be nice if we all got offered way more than our asking price etc.   Remember what a house is "listed for" doe...
Portland developer announces plans for Prineville resort Resort development to be first in city limits A Portland developer announced plans last week to build an upscale, nearly 300 unit hotel and condominium resort in Prineville's west side near Meadow Lakes Golf Course to be called RiverGate.  ...

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