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Your Mama is so.....   Your Mama is so great because she took care of you, fed you, clothed you, loved you, nurtured you, pushed you, argued with you, worried about you, hugged you and did everything she could to make sure you turn out the best person you can be. So this is for my beautiful, incr...
Hey......are you listening???   What I said: the market is extremely volatile and the rates are moving up and down like a roller coaster. What you heard: the rates are going down and you should wait to lock. What I said: your file has a lot of twists and turns, but based on my experience the file...
My great adventure After spending most of our adult lives living in New York, my wife and I decided it was time to move on. I had sold my business and had no family there. My wife was a stay at home mom and was not close with her family. My kids were young enough so the transition would not affec...
What's in a name.....a rose is but a rose. Is your name synonymous with a rose or a weed? In other words, when doing business with others are they dealing with you as a rose that is to be admired and dealt with great care, or as a weed that needs to plucked out as soon as possible before it conta...
How to choose the right loan officer What is his/her level of knowledge? Does he/she understands what drives the markets or are they just going along for the ride and does what management tells them? One immediate question to ask them is what drives the interest rates. If they respond by telling ...
  How to find the right mortgage lender!!! Finding the right Atlanta home loan for your particular situation can be a daunting task.  Finding the right mortgage company and loan officer can be even more daunting and stressful. Atlanta is a unique market and choosing the right partner in your visi...
How is it working for you?   We have a tendency to jump from one marketing idea to another. The next greatest thing, the next greatest lead generation system the next greatest marketing system, the next greatest SEO system.                                                                          ...
Did you know that high LTV loans are back? Did you know that you can finance a purchase up to 97% and a Jumbo up to 90%? Unfortunately, many Realtors don't and what's scarier, many loan officers don't either and are walking away from perfectly good deals. Many PMI companies have loosened up and a...
 Do I really want to buy a house now?????                                           The real estate market has taken a massive beating over the past 3 plus years and that translates to more house for substantially less money and much lower price points for starter homes.  Interest rates are at r...

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