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I've compiled a list of free and fun events around Atlanta throughout the summer for your enjoyment. These events are not limited to the residents of the respective towns but are open to everyone resident and non-resident alike. It's a way for each town to give back to their residents and promote...
If you are planning to get married anywhere in the US you need to thinks about this program. Rather than getting that toaster oven how about a start at married life in your own home.Are you planning to get married and buy a home in Colorado, but wonder where your down payment funds will come from...
A tribute to my father My father stood only five feet tall, very thin, balding and only had a fourth grade education. Since he grew up very poor in Romania he had to go to work at the age of ten to help support a very large family. He was one of twins that survived childbirth. At the age of 16 he...
Your credit score doesn't mean a whole heck of a lot. heard right. Your credit score doesn't mean bubkus if it's below 660. The score is not just a number; it's a history of how you run your fiscal life. At one point or another, everyone gets into some financial hardships. The true tes...
Justice served to the unjust. .   Justice served to the unjust, turnabout is fair play, what goes around comes around...... I can go on forever because I'm having so much fun with it.  Finally there is a little justice in the banking world, as ironic as it may be.    A couple in Florida bought a ...
Two negative don't equal a positive   Two negative don't equal a positive, at least not when it comes to people. Have you ever listened to two people discuss everything that is wrong with the world? No matter what the subject there is always bad stuff associated with it as far as their concerned....
Dogs in heat First get your mind out of the gutter; this is actually about dogs in the heat.   As the summer approaches and the temperatures climb, it is important to keep your dog cool (I don't mean to put cool sunglasses or leather a jacket on him).  Dogs do not have sweat glands and can't cool...
Stolen dream   I got a call from a prospective client yesterday about financing a home he is purchasing. He was somewhat anxious because he is relocating from Ohio to South Carolina and due to close on the South Carolina purchase on June 17, which is in 2 weeks.  I explained to him that it is goi...
Believe it or not!   What do you believe in? What are you passionate about? Whether it's helping the homeless, finding a cure for cancer, easing the suffering of the less fortunate, helping our county's youth, a political party or just about any number of causes( lord knows there's plenty to choo...
Did you think I wouldn't notice???   Did you think I wouldn't notice or did you think I just wouldn't care? You copied and pasted an erroneous income on a W-2. You altered the numbers on your pay stubs. You fudged the numbers on your bank accounts. Did you really think I wouldn't notice? Did you ...

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