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Bringing a local government, local property assessment/valuation perspective to the real estate community.
How to Improve Search Results Using Advanced Google Searches I love ActiveRain but the site has inadequate search capacity.  When I use the standard search I am unable to tell whether the blog was written several years ago or today.  And has anyone figured out the Channels and Popular Topics wit...
Valuable Insight Into How Assessors Consider Prevailing Market Conditions A number of concerned taxpayers are contacting local assessors asking how the current real estate market will affect property assessments for the upcoming 2011 assessment year.  While each real estate market is local in na...
Are You Missing an Opportunity to Lower Your Property Assessment? Type of ChallengesThere are valuation disputes with your local assessor and there are corrections to erroneous assessments.  The first, valuation disputes, are common when property owners disagree with the value estimated by the a...
Think you are up to speed on real estate assessments and taxes enough to give advice to clients?  Check out this list of items you should know prepared by a professional property assessor with more than 25 years experience.
Want to Monitor the Commercial Real Estate Market? If you are monitoring the commercial real estate market for clients, investment purposes, or looking for news to post as content on your website or blog, the following 12 sources may be of help.  While some of theses sites are focused on commerc...
On December 9 and 10 the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) will present the 31st Annual Legal Seminar in Chicago, Illinois.  The Legal Seminar offers the unique perspective of members who are primarily involved in legal issues.  The seminar presents substantive and procedura...
Past Successes May Indicate Most Effective Distribution Methods If you are among the thousands of bloggers who are continually searching for new ways to distribute real estate blog postings one important place to look is at your own blog.  If you are not already using ActiveRain (AR) statistics ...
   A Little Respect Can Go a Long Way Toward Getting What You Want I love answering questions or taking part in discussions if I can make a valuable contribution or clear up misinformation.  I've been an active contributor to ActiveRain, Trulia, Zillow, and a few other discussion forums and Q&A ...
Viewing Your Operations as the Public Sees Them Can Work Wonders What if a marketing panel or consumer commission was to be formed tomorrow that would review your current operations and make suggestions for improvements in the areas of customer service and public reactions?  As scary as that may...
Could Your Public Relations Use a Facelift? "A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all."  Michael LeBoeuf As a real estate professional your website content is probably more relevant than your local assessor's.  But just what should the assessors be concerned with in today's mark...

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