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1. Fickle are only as good as your last transaction2. Lack of Instant Financial Gratification...60-90 day billing3. Lack of Positive CASH FLOW...big gaps between pay days4. Its a Present Tense Business...when you stop, it stops5. You Have No Financial Leverage...building a financial ...
One my favorite ways to prospect is to get out and meet people right at their front door step.  Instead of farming a community I go out and introduce myself and let them know what I do.  The reactions are priceless.  People instantly respect me more for being willing to get out and find the busin...
What we think about is what we become... I love my job! How about you? The reason I became a Real Estate Professional was because I love homes, people, marketing, and a good challenge.  Someone told me the market is down...really? How can that be? When my customers are still buying and selling li...
Calenders, maginets, pens, calculators, stockings, etc.  Tis the season to promot ourselves with items we hope customers will keep around all year.  I would like to know what some of the unique gifts other Active Rainers have thought of.  What items are sitting in your potential customers house t...
Does residual income belong in real estate?I ask this question because many of us working in real estate are enjoying income that is coming from a source other than selling homes.  We are getting paid to offer an invitation to other agents to work with us.  The two companies that I am aware that ...
I have always understood how networking is a good thing.  What I am just really starting to realize is how it is beginning to propel my business forward.  There are curtain things in life  I call "triggers".  When you meet someone for the first time it could be something they say, perhaps the way...
Conformity Is Not Change....Change Comes From Within.
Before I became a Realtor I assumed most agents owned more than one peice of property.  I figured they would know all the good deals.  Well, to my surprise not that many really do.  Why is this?  Real Estate investment is always a smart move. It is can be sold, leased, and easy to improve.  When ...
Florida has very interesting business attire.  I see many agents and have been guilty myself of doing business in flip plops and a T-Shirt.  When ever I become relaxed in the way I present myself I feel my professionalism decline.  However, when I put on my business suit or more professional atti...

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