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Mortgages are available in all shapes and sizes, no money and low down payment plans are still available, and dont forget to get qualified prior to shopping to be sure you are looking in the right price range.
The Sky is NOT falling, and the bubble is not going to pop.I have seen so much doom and gloom in the Real Estate world, and a lot of it is in the Mainstream Media.. Nothing sells better than a negative headline, and unfortunately news is a business that sells advertising.So, are housing prices fa...
 I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but better to be informed.  In the past month we have seen one of the fastest moves up in mortgage rates I can remember.  This upward trend reignited in early August and built steam from there.The past two weeks in the credit markets have been, for lack of a ...
 Interest rates have been climbing rapidly again in the past month and a half.  This summer we had rates fairly stable and actually settling down a bit as we entered August and that's when we saw the most recent climb.Mortgage New Daily does a daily rate survey and has the average 30yr fixed rate...
NEW CONFORMING LIMIT ANNOUNCEMENT With prices continuing to climb for residential Real Estate, it is no surprise to see another increase in the conforming limit.  We are up a little more than 10% from last years limit with a Maximum loan amount for a single family conforming loan now at $715,000 ...
 With the latest Fannie announcement today (SEL-2022-08) we have new acceptable sources for gifts:Assets and verification of assets  has always been Strict on Mortgages. FNMA has made Gift giving a little easier with this latest update. FNMA now has 3 categories of donors: Relative Unmarried Part...
Buyer Fatigue: Our buyers have not had it easy in this market and they are tired. We need to keep them engaged and optimistic. (I think we may even have some agent Fatigue as well?) While inventory is not great, it is improving.  Bidding wars still exist but not to the extent they were last year....
Not Human Arms, but Adjustable Rate Mortgages, ARMs for short.(Because everything in the mortgage world is an acronym)With the uptick in interest rates this year we have had numerous inquiries about Adjustable Rate Mortgages.. but we have really not been using them for our traditional buyers at a...
Rates, Inflation, etc… Interest rates settled down a little in the past week or so, if you were to put it on a graph it would look flat for August with a “good” client seeing rates in the mid 5s. Just this week CPI was reported as Flat – effectively inflation at the consumer level did not increas...
 Personal Time:  Our business can be a huge mental drain. Make sure you have something outside of work to shut work off and have it on your schedule as an appointment. If you do not, you will burn out. For me #1 is sailing and a close second is wood working. “Me Time” is important for your mental...
 Product Spotlight:  Our Simple Access Cash Flow program is here to help your investors! With skyrocketing rents, it is very likely that investors can buy homes with positive cashflow and our investor program will ONLY look at the PITI verses the market rent…  If the property carries itself that ...

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