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Mortgages are available in all shapes and sizes, no money and low down payment plans are still available, and dont forget to get qualified prior to shopping to be sure you are looking in the right price range.



 FHA Loans Just got MUCH more affordable After years of being one of the more expensive options for mortgage insurance this is welcome news.  In many cases FHA will now be the less expensive option for mortgage insurance for low down payment borrowers vs conventional mortgages.The typical 3.5% do...
So here is the Scenario:You apply for a mortgage, and the following day your phone begins ringing off the hook, everyone trying to sell you a mortgage or even a house.What you are experiencing is what is called "Trigger Leads". When your credit is run for a mortgage we get a tri-merged credit rep...
TikTok anyone?Well, I finally did it, dove in to the Video World. As a borderline Boomer Gen-Xer I was resistant to making the leap since my preference is to read rather than watch to learn. (I can read  faster than listening to most talking heads, and can multitask reading easier than watching v...
LLPAs/Add-ons Significant increases!For Conventional Mortgages there have been Loan Level Price adjustments since 2008. Simply put- not everyone gets the same rate with these adjustors adding price for risk.While there has always been some minor adjustments to the LLPAs each year this is the bigg...

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