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Lenders are entitled to insurance proceeds under as standard mortgage document clause that says essentially that, …. “Borrower hereby as assigns to Lender … Borrower’s rights to any insurance proceeds in an amount not to exceed the amounts unpaid under the Note… .   Lender may use the insurance p...
What happens when a home is left to a child or other relative of a deceased parent or uncle or aunt or grandparent?  Who owns the house?  Can the house be sold?  Can the relative use it as their own?These issues are always present.  The primary part of the issue that most people do not understand...
Technology is trying to create an entirely anti-relationship smartphone / iPhone app that picks real estate agents like hailing an Uber ride.  If being at the right place at the right time had any meaning, this App is going to prove it out.Inman reported this development recently, being deployed ...
Last year I wrote about a confusing law that went into effect in Florida saying that a deficiency judgment could not be sought by the lender if more than one year had elapsed from a foreclosure sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure.  A sister statute also discussed how a short sale was analogous to...
We are constantly getting asked about foreclosure purchasing. About half the calls are from persons that already bought the property at foreclosure and now find out that there is a bank foreclosing against the house they just bought. They want to know what to do.THIS IS A COMPLICATED BUSINESSSimp...
Lender loan modifications could become serious again – provided the mortgage is owned by Goldman Sachs.  Recently reported in the Wall Street Journal, Goldman has been put in a unique position of profiting by giving loan modifications.  By both complying with the outline of the 2016 government se...
Several association boards of directors have problems understanding the homeowner association lien rights and how the Florida “safe harbor” exemption to payment works. This article applies to when the investor makes a loan and then forecloses it and gets title at the foreclosure sale.An important...
Under Florida real estate law the new owner is liable for the old past due assessments from the prior owner.  The typical facts are that the homeowner stopped paying the association and the mortgage. The association then forecloses first and often the association is the winning bid at their forec...
There are people out there that are looking for your email address but they are neither buyers nor sellers.  Their goal is for YOU to help them steal money from YOUR client. They are thieves, crooks, scoundrels, terrorists, and intentioned with the worst of motives. Why do I know about this - I j...
One of the prominent questions regarding mortgage deficiencies and the new law on Florida's statute of limitations for enforcement of a mortgage deficiency is whether it applies to a Florida short sale.There has been uncertainty as to its application to short sales because the new law, which went...

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