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What is important to you if you are offerred a referral from another brokerage?  Do you use any referral services that give you "qualified leads"?  What do you think a qualified lead should be?There are more and more referral concepts out there.  Zillow, Referral Exchange, Homelight, Referz, and ...
Fraud - Losing your home - Identity Theft - these are all scary words and for good reason.It has been 12 years since I wrote my first blog on fraudulent deeds and what I wrote then still is true today.  It was my most read article over the past 12 years.  Today, technology and services offered by...
As a defaulted borrower, how your proceed is not an easy decision to make.  The biggest area of new foreclosures are the forgotten defaults from 2007 - 2012 that are now "waking up".  Most of these mortgages are now held by investors and not the banks that made the loans.  Because of this, new ec...
After being the winning bidder at an association foreclosure sale, one of my clients recently complained to me that Condominium or Homeowner Association foreclosures of liens are a fraud upon the public.  There is some truth to the statement and understanding his anguish on his own loss of $50,00...
Wow! I just bought at a foreclosure sale and got a $400,000 house for $50,000!!!  We actually had TWO calls like this in the past week. Too good to be true? Listen and Learn of the heartache to come....I have written about issue this twice this summer and every time another buyer comes in moaning...
Its only getting worse - Buyers are literally handing over billions in closing funds to theives.  The warning bells have been ringing for years. Are you protected?  I wrote about this in my article YOUR EMAIL IS BEING WATCHED = YOUR CLIENTS VICTIMIZED : THE HACK STORY over two years ago.  But sti...
A recent article in the Miami Herald notes the spike over the past 3 months in foreclosure filings in South Florida and other key states.  The article which derives much of its information from reports by Attom Data Solutions shows a more than 35% year over year increase in foreclosures.The theor...
 We got a great question the other day from a buyer of Association Foreclosure properties.  He asked if a 2nd mortgage was superior to the Association lien foreclosure.  That's when the Condominium, Homeowner or Property Owner Association is unpaid and forecloses its lien. A lot of people out the...
Homeowner, Condominium and Property Owner Associations have become much more active in proceeding to foreclosure sales on unpaid assessments than in years past.  The reason is the fierce competition for first mortgage foreclosures caused by the quantity of buyers and the relentless bidding by lar...
Here in South Florida a common Condominium water damage issue is who is responsible for water damage to a unit if the leak occurred in another unit or in a wall.  If one of the units touched by such misfortune is not covered by insurance, a huge nightmare can be the result for the owners or the A...

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