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One of the weirder roadblocks we have been seeing is the clearing of IRS liens against a taxpayer (property seller) when the taxpayer is trying to short sell a property.  Typically if an IRS lien is on a property the attorney or accountant will present to the IRS a waiver of lien request with req...
Congress heard this week about the dual track "Foreclosure Express vs. Little Engine that Could" scenario that lenders use to simultaneously foreclose on a home and attempt modification - all at the same time. This causes huge confusion issues with the borrower with often the end result of a fore...
"If the defendant doesn't hire counsel or doesn't defend themselves then it's not the judge's job to be the defendant's attorney".  This quote from an editorial in the Palm Beach Post on November 30, 2010 says volumes to those in the foreclosure process without an attorney.  Read it carefully as ...
Recently several borrowers have stated to me that the foreclosure process in Florida is going to take two years.  The long foreclosure process was caused by a combination of overloaded plaintiff attorneys, overloaded lenders, and overwhelmed court system. Although that statement (as unfortunate a...
Thank you Jon for your professional friendship and recommendation.  This article I missed and just now found it (more than half a year later!).  Also since this article we have indeed met - and appropriately it was at an AR event - Rain Camp Orlando.  Your concern for your clients is unmatched an...
Save a life and you save the world - Do our clients need us to avoid despair? Today in my local Florida newspaper, I read in horror that two deaths related to foreclosure occurred this week. One homeowner shot himself and the other apparently was asphyxiated by running his car in the garage.  In ...
In a mortgage / sale scheme that was not unfamiliar during the hot Florida real estate market to many real estate professionals, a local title agency and mortgage brokers are being prosecuted Federally for lender fraud / mortgage fraud. According to the the American Land Title Association (ALTA -...
[ Note - after reading the below article, see updated article at http://activerain.com/blogsview/4194831/bank-of-america-short-sale-approval-letter-new-example ] You may have been reading about Bank of America short sale approval letters and some changes that have occurred.  The Bank of America S...
Do brokers encourage buyers to make "no deposit contracts"?  Why are they so pervasive?  Are they legally binding? A contract to be a mutually binding obligation on the buyer and the seller must have "consideration".  A contract is a promise or a set of promises for the breach of which the law gi...
Although we are years into a dramatic period of real estate deflation, divorce lawyers and judges have not been able to move from traditional solutions to new solutions that work in this recessionary economic environment.  The traditional ways of dealing with real estate in a divorce setting has ...

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