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It's hard to get started in Real Estate Investing if you do not have your own funds.  The only option is to find private lenders who will fund your deal. However, it is the age old problem: no experience in flipping or wholesaling, no confidence in a lender.  So how does a beginner find a private...
Getting private funds right now is relatively easy. The issue is that many wannabe investors take the time of private lenders and cloud the deal flow by not being prepared or not being qualified. Here is a very simple “How To” list. Once followed, you will be funded.  NO ONE funds 100%- despite w...
Real Estate Blitz Investors have created a new real estate bubble of their own. Throughout the US investors are buying bulk REO (real estate Owned by the bank) in huge quantities. Large real estate investment and capital companies, medium companies and even smaller investors are buying bulk REO. ...
They have been extending this all of 2011 and now into 2012. When it was a rule, there were no investors. They should make it permanent so that investors buy, buy, buy.FHA ANNOUNCEMENT: For the second year in a row, the Federal Housing Administration is extending a temporary waiver of its "anti-f...
Working with investors is not always an easy adventure.  Often it is just !!!! backwards. And I'm not just talking about my NJ Shore Investors-- any investors, anywhere. Since I handle investors from all over the country as well as International investors, I guess my world is crazier than most. T...
A great article from the NY Times which shows us how a small investment can change the economics of a whole town.  We should learn from this type of pro-active force: invest in the future and invest in ourselves. An incredible story of how a small town in NY fought back when WalMart wanted to "ow...
This is amazing. And how sad this is also.  What do you think? I have seen many homeless people do this right now with REOs and abandoned short sales. Amazingly my investors have to pay them to get them out or go to court. Again, the troubled times we are in. But investors have to deal with this ...
This may be the most important 9 minutes you can spend this weekend. This is a 1948 cartoon that reminds us of our value of retaining our Freedom. It is amazing that it was made in 1948 (before I was born).  This is the type of cartoon that should be shown to every generation.    Take the time to...

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