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Welcome to Rose King's Real Estate Blog! Here you'll find information about buying and selling houses in Texas. I post information about homes for sale in Friendswood, Pearland, League City, Alvin, Manvel, and the Houston Bay Area, as well as tips for buying or selling homes anywhere! I also post community news and market trends about neighborhoods throughout the Houston Bay Area and Galveston County. Sometimes I just like to blog about special memories or fun things. Thanks for stopping by!



This little orange guy comes to my backyard every morning and looks in the back door, waiting to be fed. He's healthy and seems to be well-cared for (except that he is not neutered), and very, very friendly. I usually put out a little bit of food for him, but I have noticed that what he really wa...
Lately I have had several homeowners contact me about selling their homes. Some were in a situation where they paid too much for their homes just a few years ago, and will likely lose money when they sell. There are several situations when a homebuyer may have paid too much, but here is what I ru...
I was showing a house not long ago that was the perfect house for my clients. As they walked around from room to room, they were obviously impressed, saying things like, "This is great! It's just what we've been looking for!"  They went upstairs to see the very large gameroom and gave me all of t...
Are you a blood donor? If not, you should consider it! I used to be afraid to give blood. Now I donate every chance I get. I hate needles and every time I donate blood, the nurse has to stick my arm multiple times because my veins are small and slippery. It's not fun. But I still do it.  Here's w...
Hans Mongolian BBQ in Webster is one of our favorite Friday night hang-outs. We try to eat there once a week. If you've never tried Mongolian BBQ, you should try it. The meat and vegetables are stir-fried on a very large round iron griddle. It's healthy and delicious! Low fat, low carb, and no MS...
When looking for a new home, one of the things most people take into consideration is the quality of the schools in the area. Even if you don't have children, there are a lot of reasons to find a home in a good school district. Homebuyers can find out a lot of information by looking at the school...
Draw a circle in the dirt - about two-feet in diameter. You sit on one side and your opponent sits on the other side. Reach in your pocket and take out five of your aggies - the clear ones with thin slivers of color within. These are the ordinary marbles you are willing to lose. Your opponent doe...
The Wilderness Trails HOA will be having its annual meeting January 26, 2011 at 7 p.m. at the Friendswood Library. One of the topics to be discussed at the meeting is a proposed improvement project for the Castlewood Park. There has been a request from a resident that improvements be made to the ...
If you are thinking about putting your house up for sale, but don't know where to start, there are some documents and information you need to gather up ahead of time. If you have this information available before meeting with a Realtor to discuss listing your home, the listing appointment will be...
Lately I have had several clients looking for homes to rent. I don't mind working leases at all, because they are nice to fill in the gaps between closings. Besides, most renters will be buyers eventually, so it's good to have them in the pipeline. Rental properties in the Houston area are hot ri...

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