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1. Supporting Truss or Rafter Damage   Roof inspections won't necessarily turn up defects in the structural members inside the attic. While the roof might look sound and secure, inside the attic you could find broken trusses or rafters. An inspection would disclose stress cracks that could lead t...
Buying a home is a major milestone and the real estate and mortgage professionals you use will have an integral role in helping you achieve this dream. It's critical to find a real estate agent who knows the neighborhood in which you're interested and who understands your wants and needs. Here's ...
Why do people buy fixer-uppers? They're looking for a real estate investment: Buy a home that needs work, throw some time and money into it, and sell it to make a profit. Fixer uppers are a way to buy a home in a preferred neighborhood that may otherwise out of reach financially. Fixer uppers als...
The Buyer's MarketIn a buyer's market, with more homes available for sale than qualified buyers to purchase them, buyers have the opportunity to get more for their money. Buyers will see that they'll be able to afford either a larger home in a better neighborhood or one with more amenities, such ...
Looking for a new home can become a time consuming and overwhelming experience that'll test your patience. The hours and homes can quickly blur into one hazy memory. Here's how to optimize your house hunting hours and make the process manageable and memorable. 1. Create a wish list: Write down yo...
  So you're looking to build your home's equity and you're wondering what will be the best way to go about recouping renovation investments and maximizing your home's sale are the top ten upgrades that can promote your house to a top dollar sale. 1. Paint: A fresh coat of paint and ide...
Benefits of Mortgaging a Bank Foreclosure! Mortgage less than the home is worth as the home is worth more than the sales price. Very often the mortgage company that originally foreclosed on the home will hold the mortgage on your purchase for a lower interest rate in order to get the property off...
1. Get top dollar for a home through creative marketing.2. Know how to deal with the  paperwork and avoid legal issues that can prevent a sale from closing.3. Are knowledgeable on asking buyers essential qualifying questions about their finances.4. Save sellers time by pre-qualifying buyers befor...
The genes in cells carry the hereditary information that is received from a person's parents. Hereditary breast cancer makes up approximately 5% to 10% of all breast cancer. Some altered genes related to breast cancer are more common in certain ethnic groups.  Women who have an altered gene relat...
Anything that increases your chance of getting a disease is called a risk factor. Risk factors for breast cancer include the following: Older age. Menstruating at an early age. Older age at first birth or never having given birth. A personal history of breast cancer or benign (noncancer) breast d...

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