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I write about the St. Michael, Hanover, and Albertville areas, about what I do in the communities, my birdhouse creations and how I help realtors sell property.



Just Like Michael Jacobs, I Did It!   I read Michael Jacobs' post at the end of December, 2014!  He had completed the 31 day challenge for December….and you didn’t know there was one, did you?  Well, I didn’t either. It was his own challenge, and Michael is one of our original group that were sp...
Don’t Miss It – The Crow River Senior Center February Potluck, February 9th at Noon   This is not to be missed!  The Crow River Senior Center is holding its monthly potluck on February 9th at noon..   Your instructions are to bring a favorite dish that won the heart of your valentine!   Wow….thi...
Ron’s Rustic Birdhouses Presents The 2015 Garden Blog       We had a couple of questions from last week’s introduction:      Kristin Johnston, Waukesha Realtor 414-254-6647 asked:     “I have an evergreen tree out back and I would love to plant something that grows well  in partial shade/under t...
    Are You Bugged by Spam?  Are You Getting “Interesting” Unsolicited Messages?  Read on….   I happen to get quite a bit of pharmaceutical advice.  And,  I am sure that no matter what your gender, you do, too. I decided that I had had enough.  So, I checked with some local sources and some inter...
    What a GREAT Bunch of Improvements Those TECH People Made Last Night….   Here are some of my favorites, but here’s the link to read them all for yourself.   The  New First Blogs Page….yes, it was there before, but now it doesn’t take all day to load.   Invite points will now show up correctly...
Ron’s Rustic Birdhouses Presents the 2015 Gardening Blog!   I am going to start the Gardening Blog that I did last year again soon.  I think I will run it on Saturdays.         If you have specific questions about gardening in your area, garden pests, garden sites, or anything else related to ga...
Serendipity Sunday – No Football   Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not a complete raving lunatic about football, but I do love watching the games.   And, despite all the controversy this week, I am going to miss not watching a game this Sunday.    Vikings games are my favorites, of course, but the...
    Tax Time is Rolling Around Again – Seniors Get Some Free Help Through AARP!   Seniors and low-income individuals can get free help through AARP Tax-Aide starting February 11 and going through April 10th.  IRS certified Tax Aide volunteers will be available to help with volunteer counselors fr...
    This is something I put together a while ago, but I thought you might enjoy it now. Lately, I have been reading and hearing a lot of "I should have....", "I could have....", and "I would have...". This is just plain sorry language.  Why?  Because the thinking means the person is "stuck" pysch...
    Rally the Troops…..Let’s Get This Project Going!   It is rare for me to write two posts in one day, but for this I am making an exception.   Joni Staples and I are on a mission.  We want to make Karen Anne Stone a millionaire.   Some of you may remember Karen Anne.   She had surgery quite som...

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I write about the St. Michael, Hanover, and Albertville areas, about what I do in the communities, my birdhouse creations and how I help realtors sell property.