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I write about the St. Michael, Hanover, and Albertville areas, about what I do in the communities, my birdhouse creations and how I help realtors sell property.



My experience with Waze was earlier this week when I had to drive to St. Paul from my home in St. Michael.    We were experiencing quite a bit of snow, ice and the usual wind.  I felt grateful for my co-pilot, Chief Cook, who had found a great website that gives traffic updates faster than 511mn....
The last of the properties “up north” that I had for sale both sold today!  It has been quite a couple of weeks what with appraisals, counteroffers, etc.   I don’t think I could have handled this without Chief Cook negotiating.  I am a thinker, she is a doer.   Now that all of those are sold, and...
The Annual Lions Fishing Contest is in its 16th year already.  There will be families aplenty on Beebe Lake this year.  And, we know the ice is FROZEN!   Contests: $100 for first prize, $75 for second and $50 for third in each fish category: northern, bass, crappie and sunfish!  Judged by weight ...
Chief Cook knows when to change things up in the culinary department, and this made my week of sub-zero temps so much easier to take!   Strawberry Chicken Salad (makes 4 servings)   Dressing:    ½ cup red wine vinegar ½ cup honey 2 Tablespoons soy sauce 2 small cloves of garlic, chopped 1    ½ in...
Having done so many trashouts of  perfectly nice looking home from the OUTSIDE, I can tell you that if some of those homeowners had used the money they spent on eBray, Walmark and Targee, they might have saved themselves from having to move.   I have walked into homes with laundry areas FILLED wi...
There are so many great reasons to live in Minnesota, and I just found another one.  Senior LinkAge Line is a program that was begun with a vision from Lt. Gov. Yvonne Prettner Solon in 2011. There are all types of information on this website, and a phone number to connect seniors, caregivers and...
Metro Transit has made a smart move.  There will be WiFi on its "cab car" which will be located on the end of each train to make it more accessible for commuters who want to work on their way to work. There have not been any reports of dropped connections so far, but some browsing speeds are fast...
Yes, indeed…January has been a loathsome month for so many.  The holiday cheer is gone, and it is bitter outside nearly everywhere in the United States.    But, you can make life a little brighter in your corner of the world by forcing bulbs.    There are hyacinths, paperwhites, daffodils and ama...
Well, you probably got your IRS forms already.  Or you got garden catalogs.  Since so many people e-file now, sometimes the overlap isn’t as pronounced as it once was.   Let me give you some ideas for planting trees this time.  Next week, I will cover bushes or shrubs and then plants.   Some of t...

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I write about the St. Michael, Hanover, and Albertville areas, about what I do in the communities, my birdhouse creations and how I help realtors sell property.