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I was preparing to talk to a group of managers today, and I started wondering what makes a good manager.  I'm not talking about the CEO of a company or an inspirational leader...just a good mid-level manager (although that's not to say managers can't be effective leaders, but there is a differenc...
I've worked in small towns and some of the biggest cities.  I've worked with solopreneurs and large businesses.  I've worked with experts in finance, law, photography, technology, journalism and entertainment.  The variety of ways people express themselves, create businesses and make a living (ho...
THINGS TO REMEMBER WHEN DEALING WITH OBJECTIONS: •1.       Objections are GOOD and you WANT them!  Objections are just QUESTIONS that you haven't answered yet (or haven't answered completely).  Do not have an "overcome objections" mentality. •2.       The best way to handle objections is to LISTE...
This news story from Idaho is a tragic reminder that you should protect your head when biking.  In this case, the biker struck the side of a truck and died instantly from head injuries. Don't let your onboard computer suffer an unnecessary injury just because a helmet might mess up your hair or d...
Here are a few practical tips on using Social Media and Social Networking (from a panel presentation I gave yesterday to about 150 in-house lawyers in Los Angeles): 1. If you think Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) is only for 12-year-old girls or teens, you're wrong.  If you're an [insert y...
I don't have a lot of experience with the purchase or sale of mortgage or real estate leads, but I can tell you in the insurance industry, insurance leads work (my present client is www.insuranceleads.com, a leader in the insurance leads industry, so I know from direct experience the fantasticnes...
Want an easy and sure fire method to improve your customer service?  Become a student of life.  If you're observant, present and willing to learn, life can be a fantastic "coach". Consider every customer service interaction a learning opportunity.  Whether you're on the phone with AT&T complainin...
I'm helping a client determine how best to measure involvement in social media from an ROI perspective.  These are some of the links I've shared...and thought they'd be useful to you as well.  It's one thing to be in social media (blogging, tweeting, etc.) spending your time conversing with peopl...
The blog below was posted today (but seems a few days outdated and also has its comments disabled).  I wanted to comment, but can't...so I'm creating my own and if you want to add your thoughts, feel free to do so.  Having dealt with RESPA for many years (as an attorney, not a lender), I have com...
I like to be a positive person.  I teach my clients (mostly sales professionals and small business owners) to look at things in a positive light.  For every complaint, struggle and frustration, there's an opportunity for growth and improvement.  I could go on...but the purpose of this blog postin...

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