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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.
Mortgage Market Report for Thursday December 20, 2007Initial Jobless Claims were reported well above expectations and the highest average in the past two years. 3rd Quarter Gross Domestic Product was in line with consensus estimates but forecasts on the 4th quarter GDP appear dismal and look come...
Mortgage Market Report for Wednesday December 19, 2007The Fed auction results from the 20 Billion dollar Term Auction Facility are in.  It was a little less than what the market expected.  Bonds have drifted down a little since the results were posted.  They have now recovered and are rising due ...
The Federal Reserve and Mortgage Lending RulesThe Federal Reserve is proposing a new set of Federal rules for mortgage lenders.  Their objective is to avoid abusive lending while maintaining a solid basis for lending and homeownership in the US. A current draft states, "Circumstances appear to wa...
Mortgage Market Report for Tuesday December 18, 2007The Federal Reserve is meeting today.  There are working on a plan to regulate and change mortgage lending practices.  The Fed has the jurisdiction over the banking system in the United States.  They are considering many new standards for lender...
Mortgage Market Report for Monday December 17, 2007The new Fed auction with the central bank is offering 20 Billion from the 28 day credit facility.  The Fed's goal is to see commercial banks borrow money from the new sponsored facility hoping to spark increased lending to businesses and then to ...
Mortgage Market Report for Friday December 14, 2007Inflation reports from the Consumer Price Index showed that consumer inflation is rising.  This was not good news for Bonds.  It was well above expectations.  The Fed's last statement said they will be paying close attention to these readings.  T...
Mortgage Market Report for Wednesday December 12, 2007The volatile market for bonds continues today. Yesterday the fed rate cut of only one quarter caused stock traders to throw a tantrum.  This morning though the fed announced a plan to inject 40 billion into the market to open a new avenue for ...
Mortgage Market Report for Tuesday, December 11th, 2007Lately, the direction of Bond prices has changed quickly.  Volatility is back, and in a big way.  At 2:15pm ET, we now have long awaited Fed Rate Decision and Policy Statement was announced.  The Discount Rate was cut .25% from 5% and stands ...
 American Securitization Forum, which represents companies that issue mortgage backed securities, as well as investors, loan servicers and rating agencies, issued a 34 page document outlining guidelines for servicers to follow in streamlining refinancing or loan modifications on adjustable rate m...
Mortgage Market Report for Monday December 10, 2007This week is a chocked with major economic news.  Much speculation on the Fed's decision tomorrow due tat 11:15AM Pacific Time.  A quarter point cut is already factored in but the question remains about the half point cut.  The chance is handicap...

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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.