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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.
Mortgage Market Report for Wednesday January 16, 2008 Consumer Price Index was reported a little higher than expectations. The closely watched year-over-year Core CPI was reported at 2.4%.This puts additional pressure on the Fed not to relax interest rates at the next meeting January 30th    Beca...
Raising the Conforming Loan Limits ???The Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight issued a report on January 11th, 2008.  The report discusses raising the conforming loan limit from its current $417,000.   The OFHEO analyzed impacts from the House and Senate bills.  The bill is HR 1427.  I...
Mortgage Market Report for Tuesday January 15, 2008The weak news on the economic reports are prompting a surge in  mortgage bonds.  Tomorrows Consumer Price Index will be out tomorrow and will carry more weight.  News from Citigroup are also hurting stocks and helping bonds.  The huge,  nearly 10...
Mortgage Market Report for Monday January 14, 2008Bonds are at their best levels since August of 2005 and have kept the gains from Friday. Citigroup may have to write off another $24 Billion in sub-prime mortgage related losses.  This may prompt a restructuring where up to 20,000 employees may be...
Mortgage Market Report for Friday January 11, 2008Yesterdays rumors of the Bank of America buy out became the big news of the day is that Countrywide has been purchased for 4.1 Billion in a stock for stock trade.  This buyout should stabilize Countrywide and prevent bankruptcy.  This will also cr...
HOPE NOW-Lenders and BorrowersAmerican Securitization Forum, which represents companies that issue mortgage backed securities, as well as investors, loan servicers and rating agencies, issued a 34 page document outlining guidelines for servicers to follow in streamlining refinancing or loan modif...
Since late last summer, the financial markets in the United States and in a number of other industrialized countries have been under considerable strain. The turmoil has affected the prospects for the broader economy, principally through its effects on the availability and terms of credit to hous...
The Federal Reserve is proposing a new set of Federal rules for mortgage lenders.  Their objective is to avoid abusive lending while maintaining a solid basis for lending and homeownership in the US. A current draft states, "Circumstances appear to warrant imposing a new national legal standard o...
Stocks are trading slightly higher and bonds are trending lower.  The bonds had hit the topping out pattern we have been seeing lately.A speech from Big Ben Bernake is scheduled for 1pm Eastern Time today.  The speech could move the markets.  Most will be looking for signs  about the next meeting...
Mortgage Bonds are losing the upward momentum and are trading lower this morning.  Without any significant reports being released today bonds should not break above the overhead ceiling of resistance.Bonds have not closed lower in the past eight consecutive days.  This is a remarkable occurrence....

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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.