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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.
Mortgage Market Report for Friday February 1st, 2008The Jobs Report showed slow job creations yet an improvement in the rate of unemployment.   Bonds have been down, then up, on the day.  Another volatile market day for bonds as well as stocks.    Stocks have been up, then down, this morning.  Mi...
The Fed released its results from the last meeting and the decision was to cut the Fed Funds Rate one half a point or 50 basis points.  The market improved somewhat. These lower rates will effect  business loans, consumer loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit and Adjustable Rate Mortgages. You shoul...
Mortgage Market Report for Tuesday January 29, 2008The past several trading days, the Mortgage Bonds have been most volatile.  The Fed's decision is due tomorrow.   Consumers Confidence was reported stronger than expectations raises some concerns for those policymakers at the two day Fed meeting....
Mortgage Market Report for Monday January 28, 2008Fasten your seatbelts this week.  The reports this week are Wednesday's Fed rate announcement, Thursday's Core Personal Consumption Expenditure PCE and Friday's Jobs Report.  Every one of these reports can really move the market.  Every trading da...
Mortgage Market Report for Friday January 25, 2008Another volatile day in the market.  Stocks opened higher and are now much lower.  So again bonds are being purchased as the uncertainty continues in the markets.  We have seen a large loss in rates in the past couple of days as stocks have made a...
Mortgage Market Report for Thursday January 24, 2008Yesterday created over a 600 point difference between Dow Jones opening and the closing.  Down 300 then finishing up around 300.  Bonds finished lower on the strong stock finish.   In this morning's economic news, Initial Jobless Claims below ex...
Mortgage Market Report for Wednesday January 23, 2008This morning stocks opened significantly lower but have recovered somewhat.  Bonds surged as money was again parking with security in bonds.  Stocks have lost much of their gains as stocks have improved off their lows.  Bond prices have benefit...
Mortgage Market Report For Tuesday January 22nd, 2008Last night a special meeting was held by the Fed.  The Fed decided to cut the Fed Funds Rate by .75% to 3.5%.  This will help those loans tied to the prime rate and most other ARM loans initially.  Stocks took this on the chin as the stock futu...
Mortgage Market Report for Friday January 18, 2008President Bush announced the principles of his economic stimulus package to avoid a recession.  The stock market that had been up over 150 points shortly before the speech went negative shortly after the speech.  No details have been outlined.  On...
Mortgage Market Report for Thursday January 17, 2008Volatility continues.  Bonds have rebounded off Ben Bernake's testimony before the House Budget Committee.He talks about no recession but slow growth.  He says that the US economy remains resilient and has inherent strengths.  Bernake's comment ...

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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.