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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.
Mortgage Market Report for November 27, 2007Yesterday we had a great day for mortgage backed securities.   The bonds broke through the ceiling of resistance and  hit a 2  year high and then retreated at this heavy resistance level.  Citigroup received a large investment from Abu Dhabi Investment ...
Mortgage Market Report for Monday November 26, 2007Today mortgage bonds are trading at their highest prices of 2007.  This is nice but we touched off on this point about a month ago and turned lower over the next couple of weeks.  The ceiling and floor are in a battle to see who will hold the lin...
Mortgage Market Report for Friday November 23rd, 2007On this black Friday.  Walmart opened at 5 AM this morning and shoppers have been flooding in since then.  Most of the retailers stock prices started higher.  This is a very shortened day and the market closes at 11:00AM Pacific Time.The financ...
   The Four Way TestFrom the earliest days of this organization, Rotary International was concerned with promoting high ethical standards in their professional lives. One of the world's most widely printed and quoted statements of business ethics is The Four-Way Test, which was created in 1932 by...
Mortgage Market Report for Wednesday November 21st, 2007Volatility continues in the Bond Market.  It was noted that the mortgage bonds and the ten year treasury note were trading in opposite directions.    Please listen to the article on this topic at  The Fed minutes were...
Mortgage brokers and other industry professionals opposing the current form H.R. 3915 have created an online petition.  There were 11600+ signatures on the petition so far.  Please give this to your industry partners. To view the petition, go to:
Mortgage Market Report for Tuesday November 20th 2007Stocks are up today lead by Hewlett Packard.  The ripple affect from the Mortgage Meltdown is being felt in all of the financial stoakcs.   Mixed news in the housing market with housing starts reported higher than expectations and building perm...
Mortgage Market Report for Monday November 19th 2007The Citigroup has been downgraded and may have to write off an additional 4 billion due to sub-prime losses.  This is pushing stock prices lower and has improved the bond market as traders park their investments.Tomorrow the Fed is scheduled to ...
Mortgage Market Report for Friday November 16th,  2007Overall traders are looking ahead to next week.  Trading volumes are light around the holidays Due to the light trading and the holiday break prices are vulnerable to erratic moves due to the low volumes. Next week the housing starts are expec...
This is an update on todays Mortgage Market Actions.  Today is November 16, 2007The Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act of 2007 HR3916  was passed by the House of Representatives late yesterday.  The vote was 291-127 from the House which brings new lending standards, nationwide mortgag...

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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.