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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.
Someone had asked me once to identify all of the reasons that a lender might find to not fund a particular loan.  He said review it and tell me what are the issues that would be raised.   So here is the good list of those reasons for a potential denial of a loan.  This can help borrowers identify...
Do Credit Repair Companies Actually Work? Professional credit repair companies do not advertise on the freeway off-ramps. Look for a company from a referral or one that is worthy of your referral. It's an amazing feeling to be able to finance a car or home, be approved for a credit card or even b...
Pitfalls & Solutions As a homeowner considering a short sale, it is important you understand the process. Following are some of the most common mistakes agents and homeowners make when handling a short sale.  Remember 100% of the agents will tell you they understand the process and may have taken...
Short Sale Myths A short sale can be an excellent solution for homeowners who must sell and owe more on their homes than they are worth. Unfortunately, a number of myths about short sales have developed, and it is important to understand the reality of this process should you find it meets your c...
 Credit Repair A home-buying consulting business that offers credit repair and home-buying consulting services has agreed to settle with the Federal Trade Commission for alleged federal law violations, including illegally charging an advance fee for credit repair and falsely claiming that they ca...
  Mortgage Market Report for Tuesday May 13, 2008 A better than expected Retail Sales Report are putting a downward pressure on mortgage bonds.  Confirming this were sales from Wal-Mart with a better than expected first-quarter results. But it is expected that the second quarter will not be as go...
Mortgage Market Report for Friday May 9, 2008 Mortgage bonds could not capitalize on the weakness in stocks.  Soaring oil prices reached $126.00 per barrel.  This created new concerns about inflation to close a tough week. The mortgage lenders have been very tough on underwriting standards.  Navi...
Mortgage Market Report for Monday May 5, 2008Today Representative Barney Frank complained that the mortgage industry has done little over the past month to make higher-value loans available in costly housing markets, after Congress took steps to try to infuse more cash into the so-called jumbo ma...
Mortgage Market Report for Monday April 28th,  2008This week's schedule has some of the biggest economic news of April. On Wednesday, the Fed will release their Policy Statement and interest rate decision.   For now, the Fed Fund Futures are pricing a 75% probability of a .25% cut to the Fed Fund...
Mortgage Market Report for Thursday April 24, 2008The FOMC will announce its rate decision on April 30. Economists expect a 25bp cut to bring the Fed funds rate to 2.00%. Greg Ip, the economist said. "The Fed is concerned that further easing could aggravate rising inflation expectations as food a...

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Roger W. Herrick has 23 years of continuous experience in the mortgage and real estate business.