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There is a plethora of homeowners that need to sell fast in todays market.  In many cases they will allow the buyer to buy their property "subject to the debt." This means that the buyer doesnt have to qualify with the lender for the sale to go through.  This is the exact method that many profess...
     No Kidding. You can create your financial future in todays market- if you buy right.  More and more sellers are in over their heads and will compromise their equity to save their lifestyle or move on.  If they want to save their house you can pick up significant equity but not by making them...
I have a blog on another site called I will be posting more blogs on that are either real estate related or on other topics. The url is  Please feel free to ask me any and all questions you have.
    Have you ever heard the story about the guy who fell asleep and woke up 30 years later? He went to a payphone to call his banker and found out that his portfolio of investments was now worth over 1 million dollars. At the end of one moment on the phone, the operator came on and said, “Please...
  More people became rich in our country by acquiring and holding real estate, than any other investment. Think about it. If you could negotiate a good property and have your tenants ultimately pay off your mortgage you will be rich some day. Is it easy? No. I’ve been around this business for 30...
I hear people talking about this all the time...and the short answer is yes, but its not that easy.  Most real estate bottom feeders seek out homeowners that are losing their property due to mortgage foreclosure.  This used to be the treasure chest of real estate bargains.  Its different now.  Mo...
A little about me.  I have been in the real estate business for over thirty years and am looking foward to sharing my experiences with others on this network. Much more to come . Thanks -Rob-

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