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Does anyone use and can recommend an e-newsletter 3rd party vendor I can use.  I would like it to be fully customizable with text photos and video.  It would be nice if it didn't break the bank either.  Thoughts?
You are the listing agent on a short sale home.  There are two liens on the home  both with the same bank.  The bank has given you the standard line of, "don't call us until you have offers." You price the home well and have two offers within a week.  Both are for full list price, but differ sli...
For those of you not aware of, you should be.  They create easy to understand videos describing a lot of interest to your clients.  Even if you are not working in WA state. For example, I currently have a video about the extension of the first time home buyer tax credit on my site...
Hey gang a little help?  I am considering a new web site.  Has anyone used RealtySoft and care to share there opinion of them.  Are there other web site providers I should consider?   Thanks,   Rob
Stick with me a sec.  I'm going somewhere with this. Fishing is an interesting pass time.  Some days are absolutely beautiful.  The sun is rising.  It's peaceful.  There are others on the lake but plenty of room for all.  The fish are lively and active.  You take a second to soak in what a great ...
I got a hair cut this morning and as I was leaving the barber shop I had the same thought I always have when I leave the barber shop.  "Wow that is one God awful haircut, but I love my barber".     I have been going to the same barber for over seven years now and he is quite possibly the worst in...
OK AR help me out.  If I have a post on AR and remove it but post the same post on a different blog, can I be penalized for dupicate content?  The post is original content created by me.  Any ideas?
Dear Active Rain, This is one of the hardest letters I have ever written, but I want to be honest with you.  AR you have meant so much to me and I owe you the truth.  You have no doubt noticed that I have been a little absent the past few months and not paying very much attention to you.  The fac...
It is easy to get all mixed up with the vocabulary swirling around the real estate market these days.  Two very confusing terms being thrown around right now are short sales and distressed properties.  While the two are similar and many times both are involved in the sale of a home, they are not ...
There is a lot of buzz in the Seattle media about short sales.  So what the heck are they anyway, and how can they save you tens of thousands of dollars on a home?  Put simply, a short sale is when a home owner is trying to sell a house, but the proceeds from the sale of the house will not be eno...

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