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  Wendy makes my point about web leads in my earlier post.  She presents a great real life example and excellent post. See my earlier web leads post "15 Minutes" to see real estate examples and what you can do about them to convert more to sales.  The personal touch ALWAYS wins! Mike     Everyone...
When I first joined DiVosta Homes in Florida, they had a rudimentary website. They gathered webleads for their 15 new communities around Florida via email, through the headquarters office, then sent the lead to the sales center, and the VP of Sales had a policy that a person from each sales cente...
Writing to market your products, services, and relationships is not as easy as you would think.  To be successful, you must answer, by quantitative measurement, these questions honestly: Is anyone listening?  Are they acting on your words?  Do you get more qualified leads, traffic, sales, or rela...
Social Networking is the latest craze; and, with other relevant websites and qualified email addresses, you can get leads and convert them into a sale. However, belonging to social networks because you know that you need to be on them for business isn't enough to get results. You have to do more....
Brown Ltd. Digital Marketing and Public Relations is advising clients to act on the following advice in 2010.  Integrate Social Media Into Your Advertising Continue Search Engine Marketing and Target the Right Social Networking Sites and Groups in Those Sites News Release, News Release, News Rele...
Going social is no longer an experiment for marketers; it is a reality. There is no question that companies and brands are investing real dollars in social network marketing.  I've been an early adopter in Internet technologies and e-marketing [since 1986!]. Social Networking is not new - it has ...
Stats published by Nielsen show that social media usage has increased by 82% in the last year, an astronomical rise. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and social interaction are becoming the focus of our online interactions, even more than search. Brown Ltd. is recommending to clients to get rea...

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