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Blogs are considered to be a relatively new phenomenon in the last 20 years.  But are they? In the 1500’s through the 1800’s, Ben Franklin, Samuel Sewell, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Paine, Adam Smith, and many others published what were called pamphlets – short small booklets with their news, ide...
  We are starting off our review with the Nieman Journalism Lab at Harvard because the title is intriguing:  “What Google+ could do for news.”  It peaked our interest because if it can do it for “news” it will do it for “brand journalism” – one of our specialties. Brand journalism is one of the b...
Realtors are in the content marketing and publishing business already but may not know it. You can learn more about the current e-marketing & PR landscape and how to do it more efficiently by checking out this Marketing and PR 2.1 presentation. Highlights: - The current state of marketing and pub...
  I was recently asked to speak at a trade association conference held at The Breakers in the Town of Palm Beach.  I used real estate as one of the examples but the presentation works for any industry.   It was a great group and it gave me the chance to explain: - The current state of marketing a...
  A great “Brand Journalism” strategy is to create a brand blog to promote your offerings.  You can create one for free using WordPress.com   A recent example is one I just launched for one of my clients in the Town of Palm Beach: The French Wine Merchant.   Maurice Amiel, the owner, decided to p...
Several high price homes have sold recently in the Town of Palm Beach, prices have stabilized, and the overall market is picking up! Newquists sell 300 El Brillo Way for $9.5M McKinney sells Manalapan lot, part of property intended for mega-mansion Manalapan real estate market 'picking up’ It's e...
Wow. Woke up this morning and saw that ActiveRain now has 200,000 members.  Congratulations ActiveRain!  Has "the rain" ever had this many members?  How has it helped you?
Have you used Brand Journalism to get attention to your business or attract stakeholders or buyers to the homes you sell or your company? Brand journalism works for corporate brands, non-profits, products, services, etc. What is it? People want information, both good and bad, and they remember it...
Getting your marketing cranked up is very important right now in Florida!   You have to be ready for the Florida sales window which is from January 1 through April 21, Easter Sunday.  Sales during that window make or break your year.   So what are you going to do?  What are your plans?  Internet?...
I received a question recently from a Realtor friend of mine that owns a successful real estate office.  He wanted to know how he can expand his business by re-branding it outside of his location.  He sent me some new logo examples. I had to explain to him that branding is more than a logo and/or...

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