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I’ve been spending a lot of time up on the mountain lately and have discovered that the Big Bear area is quite the popular retirement town.  Many residents have chosen to live there to enjoy the beauty, four seasons and clean air - and remain close to their children and grandchildren “down the hi...
What happens when you go to a Classic Car show with a well behaved eight year old? Even though all the cars had signs saying "Please Don't Touch", the "Old Guys" just couldn't resist inviting the young fan to "check her out".   He looks like the cat that ate the canary doesn't he? Makes my day c...
Even today with all the commercials on television about reverse mortgages featuring famous actors, politicians and entertainers, I am amazed that there are older Americans here in Southern California who do not know about reverse mortgages! I received a client referral Friday from a notary who me...
Found this car abandoned in the desert near Old Woman Springs Road.  Checked for spiders & snakes then had to try it out.    
Yes, you can make payments on a reverse mortgage. In fact I think it is a great idea.  Especially if you have the adjustable rate reverse mortgage.  As you may know the adjustable rate reverse mortgage can provide a line of credit option for the borrower.  If you have this option and you make pay...
Calico Ghost Town, California I took this picture in one of the old buildings at Calidco Ghost town.  It was the Chinese Laundry shop and all of these old lacy unmentionables were hanging up and the filtered light just made it look all eerie and creepy.  A sleepy dusty day in the desert does str...
Fixed or Adjustable?Both the fixed and the adjustable are great reverse mortgages, but before you jump the gun and pronounce the fixed rate reverse the winner.  There are some things to know about the adjustable.The adjustable rate reverse is the reverse that allows you to take your money in diff...
Went for a walk this weekend around the Eagle Glen neighborhood here in Corona.  Saw lots of flags flying.  Nice to see my neighborhood displaying their patriotism and honoring our soldiers sacrifice.
  I really enjoyed working with this young retiree and her family!  Ms. B bought her home with cash after she retired in 2003 and has been enjoying her adult children, her granchildren, gardening and some travelling.  She keeps very active.  With the economy getting out of control over the last f...
Tonight I attended one of my loan closings. My "regular" notary, Kathy, was not available so another notary was there, recommended by my escrow officer.    During the signing the notary said, "I've been doing this for 6 years and I hardly ever have a loan officer attend the closing.  It's great t...


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