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Hello to my friends from the STAR Networking Group! Thank you for the warm welcome and I am excited to be joining our group every Tuesday morning at 7:30am. I hope you will take just a bit of time and learn just a bit about my product – the FHA HECM Reverse Mortgage… and I invite you to check out...
Here's all the information you need to find a HUD Approved counselor: Prior to processing a loan application, all borrowers must submit a signed certificate of HECM Counseling provided by a HUD Approved Counselor which certifies that they have attended (either in person or by phone) a counseling...
Children find trees irrestistible. In our local Eagle Glen Park, the trees have finally grown big enough to be a fun challenge.  Once one boy starts to climb the others can't resist.  I just had to capture this tree full of boys on one of my walks.          
Today was such a great day! Pricing on HECM reverse mortgages has come down and with it the funds available to senior homeowners has gone up.    I called one of my clients who has been unsure of whether or not she should complete her reverse mortgage loan, (She should) but with the old pricing sh...
  Absolutely! Prior to processing a loan application, all borrowers must submit a signed certificate of HECM Counseling provided by a HUD Approved Counselor.  Here’s an easy and convenient way to find a qualified counselor.  Use FHA’s counselor search tool to find a counseling agency close to you...
People say I’m just like my mom.  The truth of the matter is that it's all her fault.  (I only wish I was half the woman she is.) Growing up as the eldest child of seven I observed and absorbed my mother’s life. It seemed like nothing fazed her.  Once on our way to the emergency room with my litt...
This post has nothing to do with Reverse Mortgages.  I'm just a proud aunt showing off my awesome family! My nephew, John Butler, a Realtor here in Southwest Riverside County has the most engaging personality you could imagine!   My Sister, Beth, another Realtor who specializes in Horse Property....
Being a Diet Coke junkie who's trying to kick the habit, I found this post to be very helpful and motivating.  Made me get up and refill my water bottle for the 3rd time today.  Getting the water thing under control and betting that it helps my budget as well!  Truthful Thursday ~ Water or Coke? ...
 Here is some information on utilizing FHA Reverse Mortgages to double or more your purchase power on your new Sun Lakes home and still not have any monthly mortgage payments!            There are 3 Major Benefits To  Home-buyers Gives home-buyers who are downsizing more purchasing power than if ...
    The daughter of a potential client of mine asked me today to send her "something that summaries the features and benefits of all of these different reverse mortgage programs". When I finished simplifying and summarizing to send it to her, I thought this would be good to share. So here it is. ...

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