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  James makes a good point with his blog about saying thank you.  Make it a priority to thank those you come in contact with.   I recently received an unsolicited thank you from a happy client that made me feel very good.  In reflecting back on the exchange, I am much more moved by the fact it wa...
As of today, legislators have not moved this proposal, and it appears to be stalled as a result of the overwhelming opposition. The proposal provided that all business owners – including rental property owners and management companies - must hold three-percent of all payments owed to independent ...
Earlier this month I posed this question since at HomePointe we continue to use some newspaper ads, almost exclusively a full page ad in the Saturday Sacramento Bee Real Estate Section. The past two weekends we surveyed 64 rental prospects during weekend vacancy showings. This is what we came up ...
I found this story and thought it was interesting: An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before, but had once failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama's socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would...
I have blogged before that I am coaching the 8th grade boys basketall team at Camellia Waldorf Elementary School in the Land Park/Freeport neighborhood.  It is located in the Lanai Shopping Center.  I use Shopping Center generously as it is a very small old one. Anyway, we had a playoff game toni...
If you are looking to rent a single family home in Sacramento, Natomas, Elk Grove, or just about anywhere else, you will find an inventory of homes for rent by checking the internet, newspapers,  and with local property management companies. What you will find is that there are properties vacant ...
In a previous blog I provided the link to our rent survey. The rental market is recovering from a slow winter. At HomePointe we rented 68 properties in January which is 8 over our goal and 18 over our historic average. Inventories of vacant single family home rentals have fallen which is a contri...
My brother in law and I took our wives, both of our mothers, one of my sons, my sister, and a cousin to dinner this evening to celebrate Valentines Day.  The Outback Restaurant on Laguna Boulevard in Elk Grove was crowded, but we had called in the day before for a quasi reservation. The lady had ...
Each quarter HomePointe Property Management publishes it's rent survey covering the entire Sacramento Region. The survey can assist you in determining the rent range for your property. We suggest you consider the average rent in most cases as a starting point for your rental budget. At HomePointe...
Legislative Proposal Calls for Property Owners to Withhold 3% of Payments to Contractors - Your Letters Needed The California Apartment Association in conjunction with a coalition of over 700 businesses and interest groups are working together to stop a legislative budget proposal that would requ...

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