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All property managers and property owners in the greater Sacramento Region should be aware that the cold weather we are experiencing may result in frozen pipes and interior flooding from those pipes if they burst. This is most common in vacant single family homes and usually after 2 or more days ...
The U.S. Department of Houseing and Urban Development has charged a rental owner and their onsite manager with housing discrimination in the state of Ohio.  They refused to rent certain apartments in their complex to families with children. No owner or manager may refuse to rent to a family with ...
I think it is human nature to avoid contact with the person that controls the levers in our lives.  Especially the lever that that increase costs. In the case of the landlord tenant relationship, I think a tenant may avoid reporting repairs if they feel the landlord might see the need to increase...
At HomePointe Property Management we suggest to our clients that they let us see the inside of their rental at least once year.  Many owners decline this inspection claiming it costs money and may result in repairs.  We also suggest that our clients get a structural inspection (sometimes called a...
California may well vote to legalize marijuana growing for personal use this November.  That creates a situation where landlords will have to deal with what they think about having their tenants growing the drug in their back yards, garages, and inside the home. In my book it is the same as allow...
We checked the BBB's website today and noted that we have an A+ rating.  That is nice! I have to admit that we do have complaints.  Tenants about getting declined a rental and about deposit refunds.  Owners that don't want to pay bills also come up.  I do review every complaint and most of them a...
As property manager's we get asked all kinds of questions about the properties we manage and the neighborhoods they are in. We have to be careful not to steer a prospective resident in their search.  My attitude is that all neighborhoods have their positives and negatives and my personal choices ...
This obituary appeared in the Sacramento Bee today and caught my attention: Name Withheld (my choice) Age 74, died of bone cancer.  He is survived by XXXXX, his wife of 51 years, son YYYYY, grandkids all of whom adored him.  He was well known around local bars, where he successfully led a double ...
The rental market is continuing to strengthen. At HomePointe Property Management we rented out a near record 75 properties in June and we have remained busy renting property this month. All of our property managers are reporting reduced inventory.  Properties priced at market rates are moving qui...
This question is very broad. For instance, are you most interested in cash flow or appreciation? How low are you willing to go in terms of the neighborhood? Are you a risk taker? Do you have cash or do you need to borrow? The less picky you are about neighborhoods and tenant profiles the better c...

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